Green Acre Diaper (GAD) Cloth Diaper Video Review

Ease of Use ✰✰✰✰

The only reason this diaper wouldn’t get 5 stars is that snaps are not the easiest thing for some people to pick up.  Side snaps take some getting used to, but they are worth it for that nice clean front.  The pocket opening is wide enough that stuffing isn’t a chore.  The hemp insert takes quite a bit of prepping, but for the amount of absorbency you get for the thin insert it makes up fir the time spent.

Bang for the Buck ✰✰✰✰✰

The diaper shell costs 15.95 and a hemp insert will run you 6.00.  The microfiber insert costs 4.00.  For a hemp/ shell combo you are looking at 21.95.  This is about middle of the pack.  You can get diapers for cheaper, but you can also find plenty that cost more.  However, you get a well made diaper with luxurious Organic Bamboo Velour, which is a sustainable resource.  Microfleece will run you the same but it has the bonus of wicking moisture away from baby’s skin.  Another reason you will be willing to pay the $$$ for this diaper is that they come in the best colors!


The hemp insert is really absorbent.  We used this diaper for long periods of time just to make sure it could hold a lot of pee.  My son isn’t a heavy wetter, so this is why we left it on for a while.  It worked for naps, overnight (I did insert a microfiber doubler to be safe) and regular daytime use.

Fit ✰✰✰✰✰

The Medium diaper should fit a baby from 12-25 pounds.  My son is about 18 lbs now.  He was in the middle snap on each side, although sometimes I could snap the top set of snaps on the tightest, and the lower thigh snaps to the medium.  I was really impressed that these diapers didn’t leave any red marks on my son.  Most diapers leave marks, which doesn’t bother me immensely, but not having marks is a plus!  I see plenty of room to grow in this size as well.