Great Cloth Diaper Change 2012: Real Simple. Real Diapers.

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The Great Cloth Diaper Change will take place on April 21, 2012 in various locations across the globe. This year we will be attempting to break the record set last year.

The Great Cloth Diaper Change is the finale of what is being called “Real Diaper Week.”  Participating areas will be hosting cloth diaper focused events all week long.

This year I was asked to make a video to promote The Great Cloth Diaper Change once again.  I had a lot of fun making the video for last year which involved my own baby and multiple changes in front of a green screen.  Watch last year’s video.

Because the theme for this year was “Real Simple.  Real Diapers.” I had the idea of showing how simple and easy modern cloth diapers can be.  I asked the owners of Basic Baby if I could film willing babies and parents after their first Real Diaper Circle meeting in Syracuse, NY.  I had quite a few participants.  Most of the diapers you see belong to the babies and only 2 diapers belonged to myself.  I asked people to use those to make sure we showed a variety representative of the cloth diapers available.

I have been toying with the idea of filming a video showing flats, pins, and rubber pants in comparison to modern cloth diapers.  I always envisioned the scene of pinning to be in the style of an old film movie.  I finally got the opportunity to do it for this video.  Fun Fact: I actually pricked my finger when pinning that diaper.

Thank you again to all of the mothers, fathers, and babies who came out to be filmed!

Please share this video and spread the word!  This year’s Great Cloth Diaper Change is going to be amazing!

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  • Pollyanna Valenzuela

    Love te video Kim gret job!! Which location will you be attending ?

    • Anonymous

      I believe Tampa, but small chance I’ll still be in Charlotte

  • topazbug

    What I don’t like is how when everyone is trying to promote cloth diapering it is done in a way that puts down pins, flats, prefolds, etc and a look at the cool, new modern diapers you can use now.  I get that making it easy and pretty works to get some people started.  But some people can’t afford the fancy stuff and those are the people I would want to reach most with cloth diapering personally.  When I started twelve years ago I was 18 and saved enough to buy GMD prefolds and rubber pants from the $1 store because that is what I could afford and I was determined to use cloth.  Even now with my 6th child I use pins and prefolds or flats.  All the different ways to cloth diaper should be showcased in a good way.

    • Anonymous

      Luckily the Snappi is as affordable as a set of pins. The majority of prospective cloth diapering parents need to see cloth as modern and unlike the style their parents/grandparents use.

      I didn’t take my decision to depict flats/pins/rubber pants lightly. I know many families who use some of each and enjoy it. Generally these families know about the alternatives and choose that route. If someone understands the options and still want to pin that is wonderful for them. I also use flats on a regular basis.

      I don’t want people to think I am anti pins/flat (although I am pretty anti-rubber pants because there are better performing and fitting PUL covers for cheap too) but I had to think about the masses and not the minority who would be viewing the video. I did make sure to include prefolds and snappis- an economical option- that some would also consider “old school.”

  • Mel- Gammie

    This ‘modern’ diaper video is a little offensive.At 50 I am now helping my daughter find the best in cloth diapers.My son who is 21 was gifted some non US All in one not so new to me.Yes I had German friends who did the same 23 years please leave out the black and white video..really I had color TV and My mom was the one who did diapers this way.
    My daughter also uses prefolds,flats covers snap style and hook and loop.