Google Helpouts for Parents- Get Live Advice! Plus Free $25 Credit!

Google has a new platform that connects people with experts for one on one advice through a live video called Helpouts.  Up to now this didn’t include parenting advice, but now they’ve launched their “New Parents” section and you can connect with experts in breastfeeding, baby proofing, and even cloth diapering help with yours truly!

Helpouts by Google

Many parents are faced with overwhelming choices and this new service from Google can make it a little easier.  Rather than leaving home with a new baby in tow, bring your baby with you to the computer for a Helpout on the topic of your choice.  In fact, if you’d like, my baby can entertain your baby with funny faces while we chat.  I’m flexible like that, and this is what happened during my first Helpout session.

Cloth Diapering Helpout

I’ve joined with Google to offer my expertise on cloth diapering.  Most of you know how overwhelming this topic is and the choices available today are endless.  For my session we can either walk through the basics together or, if you have the basics down but still don’t know what to choose, we can go over the options and what will work best based on your budget and lifestyle.  I have 5 years of experience in this field, and a background of helping others with their cloth diaper problems over the phone for a well known cloth diaper store and online for my own website.  There is a small fee, but right now you can use code KIM07V and get $25 off your first Helpout.

I’m really excited about the potential this platform holds for parents.  I can assure you that with any person you pick, they have been interviewed and their knowledge verified before being allowed to joining Helpouts so rest easy.  I do not have a set time schedule set-up, life right now is unpredictable and summer is near, but for anyone wanting to schedule a 30 minute session with me I can easily work out a time with you, likely the next day or two.   And I know a few more experts will be coming in the future so that is something to look forward to!

I’d love to help readers out in a very tangible way and consultations has always been something I’ve wanted to offer but there wasn’t a way to do so previously.  Now you can ask me anything and my fingers won’t fall off from typing out a page long answer!



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