GoGreen Champ 2.0 Video and Review

Go Green Champ 2.0

Update: This company appears to no longer exist.
The GoGreen Champ 2.0 is one of those cloth diapers that has been requested over and over. I was reluctant to review it because the price seemed too good to be true (at the  time it was 14.95, aparently there was a price increase at some point to 15.95). It was only after seeing so many positive reviews, not just on blogs but from users on message boards and review forums, that I decided I should give it a chance. Leah contacted me to see if I would review the Champ 2.0 and I agreed. She also sent the Adapt-a-Snap™ to try, a device that turns their snapping diaper into an easier (if you think velcro is easy) to put on and off diaper.

Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩ The GoGreen Champ 2.0 is as easy to use as any other snapping diaper that has the same two row, 3 snaps per tab system. When putting on the baby it is easiest to snap the hip snap first and it usually makes for a better fit than snapping the end first and then going backwards. I did notice it took slightly longer for me to put it on because I would always double check that the back and front flap were both laying flat. It takes a little less time to put on when using the Adapt-a-Snap™. If you leave the insert snapped in, depending on the speed and agitation of your washer, it will stay attached so you don’t have to fish for inserts. Even if it comes undone (like it did for me) you also don’t need to unstuff before washing so that makes it as easy to take off as an AIO. I personally removed the tabs on the Adapt-a-Snap™ before washing the diaper since they would have caught on other diapers without laundry tabs. That adds a tiny bit of time on each end of the wash.
Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩✩ This pocket/sleeve/tongue-style AIO hybrid diaper packs a lot of punch into a 15.95 dollar price point. There seems to be a lot of thought to the design, little things that you see in pricier diapers. The diaper costs less partly because it is made in China. I also felt that the lining wasn’t washing up as soft as other diapers which means it is probably a cheaper variety. It isn’t rough, but doesn’t stay as smooth as bumGenius. The insert is also thinner so if you have a heavy wetter expect to need a doubler of some sort (if you don’t have them already it will add to the overall cost.) For me it is still a great deal when you add the dual gussets, the self-unstuffing option, the fun colorful snaps, and the variety of prints and color combos.
Performance ✩✩✩✩ Because my son is not a heavy wetter, even at night, we were fine with the included microfiber insert. They also sent a doubler but we didn’t need to use it. I only experienced a leak when I tried the diaper overnight on one occasion. I do not usually use pockets at night (my explanation why) so in order to keep dry sheets I decided against trying again. I’m sure others use it double stuffed with great success; it just isn’t in me to try it again!
Fit ✩✩✩✩ I would assume this diaper fits bulky on the low range of babies. It does have a cross over snap but in the video you can see the size of the diaper on the smallest setting which isn’t tiny. However, there is a 4 step-rise so it should fit babies up to 40 pounds. Everett used the diaper on the Medium (with two snaps exposed on the rise) and that worked perfect for him. He never had red marks so it was large enough on his chunky thighs. Using the Adapt-a-Snap™ gives you a tiny bit more waist room too, since the tabs still crossed on Ev.
Overall: I know some buyers object to buying diapers made in China. I feel better about these diapers after emailing with the owner, Leah and learning more about her and her family on their About Us page.  Unlike the Ebay diapers or the VERY cheap Chinese diapers, these are somewhere in between that and the pricier brands and there is a face behind  the brand. Even 15.95 isn’t extremely cheap, but they have a less expensive line that cost 9.99 so in my mind I mixed the two up often. Strictly speaking from how the diaper worked I would definitely give these high marks and suggest them to others. I also have to mention that they do have a line of diapers made by WAHM’s in the US called Mud Butt for GoGreen.
Where to Buy SweetBottoms (Free Shipping in the US all the time, and one of my affiliates) The Adapt-a-Snap™ can be found on the GoGreen Website

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