Give a Cloth Diaper to GDGH, get a NoseFrida! All February long!

Wouldn’t you love to help a worthy cause while also getting a little something in return?  Perhaps you have a cloth diaper or two that are no longer seeing love in your rotation?  


Send them to Giving Diapers, Giving Hope!  In return, you will receive a NoseFrida!  The handy, dandy NoseFrida is a must have product for moms of little ones to effectively suck out the snot (literally) without irritating the nose.  The biggest bonus is how easy to clean they are!  No chance of hidden mold or bacteria like the bulb syringes!  You can learn more about the product on

Giving Diapers, Giving Hope helps families in need by lending families a stash of cloth diapers for the cost of shipping.   GDGH recently partnered with GroVia so shipments will be going to their warehouse.

Who doesn’t have a few diapers that your baby has grown out of or maybe it just isn’t a diaper you reach for?  Skip the hassle of selling by donating to Giving Diapers, Giving Hope.  Right now they are experiencing a lot of need!  Already, over 70 families have applied since they re-opened January 16 and they are expected to send close to 500 diapers in January!  Next month that number could double but they will need your donations to fulfill the needs of their families.  Ship to:

The Natural Baby Company
Attn: GDGH Donations
1203 North Rouse Unit 3E
Bozeman MT 59715

NoseFrida has a Buy 1, Give 1 Program, inspired by TOMS, and we are so thankful they are choosing to partner with Giving Diapers, Giving Hope for February!  A Nosefrida will be packaged with each diaper bundle sent to the approved applicants that month too!

“At Fridababy, we want to put the Windi and the Snotsucker in the hands of as many parents we can. That’s why for each one you buy, we’ll send one to a clinic, family doctor, or donation center that serves families in need; because everyone should know the joy of giving sweet relief to the stuffed-up or uncomfortably gassy little ones in their lives.”

So go raid your diaper drawers!  

-Rules: 1/household; fulfilled by Fridababy the following month, based on GroVia/GDGH’s list of the prior month’s confirmed donors.  Only diapers postmarked for the month of February will be eligible, US only.

Minimum donation: 1 cover, 1 all-in-one, 1 pocket, 1 all-in-two, 1 fitted, or 6+ prefolds/flats (must be in good, working condition such that GroVia can ship to a GDGH recipient family; no delamination, tears, worn out elastic or aplix, etc-)

-While supplies last, up to 500 NoseFridas available.

Be sure your packages include a legible return address so that your donation is included into this promotion!  Thank you for supporting this worthy cause and thank you FridaBaby for this generous program!

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  • Bethany

    Can you send WAHM products? Or does it have to be name brand?

    • kimrosas

      Yes WAHM’s count!

      Please excuse typos and brevity. Sent from my iPhone

  • Amanda Cast

    What if I have 6 diapers I can send but not one of each kind? Does that work? Who do I need to contact for the details? I have a few i can easily donate that are just sitting around!!

    • Emi Stapler

      Amanda, the 6 diaper minimum is only for prefolds. Otherwise 1 cover or diaper in any style should do. Hope that helps. 😀

  • Sarah Byrne

    might be helpful to add GDGH’s new mailing address to this post, or a link to the mailing info.?

    • kimrosas

      There is a link 🙂 I can make it more visible if people are having trouble.

      • Sarah Byrne

        I was viewing the blog post on my phone, so I missed the links! Thanks for the response! AND thank you for adding the address to the post. Sending mine in today! 🙂

  • Blayne Naylor Blandford

    I’m can’t see where to send them.

  • Tammy Finch-Kent

    If I’m donating a pocket diaper, do i need to send an insert? We stopped using microfiber some time ago and only use prefolds as inserts, now

  • mauimama

    I do not see the address to ship to anywhere.

  • Beck Hammons

    This is awesome!! I have two I can send and I’ve needing a nose frida my daughter screams when I use the bulb! Send out first thing Monday!

  • Italia Margarito Campuzano

    I just packed and getting ready to ship from prefolds!:)

  • Tara Garrison

    So we send a diaper to the mailing address above, and a nose thing will be mailed back to us?

    • kimrosas

      Yes, as long as it qualifies per the rules. The mailing back won’t begin until March just so you know.

  • lyns

    Do Gdiapers count?

  • Ren

    Would I be able to send a homemade cover? Would that count for the nose frida still?


    Did all of the Nose Fridas already get sent out? Myself and two other mom friends sent diapers in and don’t know if we should still expect to receive our Nose Fridas, or if we didn’t make it into the first 500.

    • kimrosas

      They may not have arrived yet, they’re a little behind schedule on shipping.

      • AKHAY

        Thank you. So there is still hope! 🙂