Getting Ready for Baby, 2nd Edition

Having a second baby, at least for me, has been a completely different experience.  With my first son I obsessed over what I would buy, what I would do, and what life would be like when he came.  This time, I haven’t done a lot of looking around.  Life with a toddler makes it hard to sit back and daydream about your next baby.

Life with two children close in age also presents challenges.  I have many of the basics left over from my first son, but I have to add things like double strollers into the mix.  I also know that toddlers aren’t delicate with babies.  I need baby containers that protect the littlest one while I do chores or am not in sight of both of them.

And then there are the things I just want!  I am making a list for my own entertainment.  You can critique it or praise it and let me know what you think.


4Moms Mamaroo Infant Seat

I had the immense pleasure of seeing this infant seat in action while attending the ABC Kids Expo.  The idea behind it is simple: recreating the natural movement of mom or dad.  Instead of a swing which goes in a line back and forth, it mimics the bouncing and swaying of a parent.  I am almost afraid it will work so well the baby will never want to leave it!

gogagaGo GaGa Slide Tote

I first saw this bag on Twitter.  The idea instantly made sense to me.  A strap that spreads across your shoulder like a sling to evenly distribute the weight is genius.  I did get my hands on one while I visited Diaper Lab (an awesome cloth diaper/baby store near Boston) and fell in love with the design and strap.  A good diaper bag is worth the money.  Currently I own a Petunia Pickle Bottom (and a Baby Kaed I never use) but I’d love to own this before the next one gets here.


Sakura Bloom Silk Baby Slings – Artisan Collection

I admit that I have expensive taste.  I don’t always get what I want, but a girl can dream.  I have a Maya Ring Sling I found as a consignment store for, wait for it, 12.00!  However, nothing compares to the Sakura Bloom sling.  I got to try it on with my son and was personally assisted by Lynne of Sakura Bloom herself.  This sling and this lady made me realize I had a ring sling that was hard to adjust and I wasn’t doing it right (not the maya, another one).  I changed my ring sling tune after that.  The rails glide through the rings like butter.  Mmmmmm…..  I would love to wear the new little guy in one of these.  I am not planning on buying one unless I,  a. win the lottery or b. find a great deal on a used forum.


Footed Onepiece in Chocolate by Baby Soy

My son lived in one piece sleepers and I assume the next baby will as well.  I love Baby Soy.  I get tired of some of the baby boy clothes out there, and finding “plain” clothes is hard.  I especially love the kimono style tops they make.  I want to add some of their pieces in Newborn and 3-6 months to my shopping list.


Hot Mama Gown

After delivering my first son in a *gasp* ordinary hospital gown, I wish I would have known about these sooner.  I remember vividly how pilly the material was.  I hated it so much I dunked part of it in my own pee.  Well, subconsciously that was why.  Really, I was hooked up to so much crap I had a hard time peeing and holding my gown.  The mama behind these gowns is one of the nicest women on Twitter (you should follow her @hotmamagowns) and she is an awesome advocate for breastfeeding!  The gown is hospital friendly and designed for easy nursing.  I want to look and feel special on delivery day so this is on my wish list for sure!

Also on my list are a few necessities.  I need a large dresser/ changing table combo that is long (not tall) with no hutch.  It needs 6-8 drawers.  I am having a hard time finding something with enough space.

I also need a double stroller.  I am going to be honest and say I will probably never find exactly what I want.  I don’t want a side by side.  I want a stroller with rubber wheels, that glides well, and that folds easily.  I am currently looking at the UppaBaby with the Rumble Seat and the City Mini with the Jump Seat and adapter.  I have high hopes for the new Mutsy Double but it hasn’t hit the market yet!

If anyone has ANY suggestions on what else I should be considering for the next little guy please (or the rest of the pregnancy) tell me!

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