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Today is a catch-all post for a few important items that just don’t make sense to occupy an entire post!

[box] Ask DDL a Question and have it answered on video

I get a lot of emails, tweets, Facebook posts, and carrier pigeons delivering questions about cloth diapers.  (Okay, I don’t actually get questions delivered by pigeon but how rad would that be?!) Sometimes an email just can’t convey what I want to say.  Sometimes I want to fly to their home and SHOW them.  Instead of costing myself a lot of airfare I have decided maybe I could just video what I mean instead.

If you have a burning question about cloth diapering (or even anything else I might be able to help with) and want it answered in a vlog, ask it!   You might just get an answer!  The best part is that others probably have the same question, so lots of readers and viewers will benefit.

 [/box] [box] Vote for DDL in the Padded Tush Stat Awards

I am SO not a person who begs for votes or asks to be nominated for awards.  I’ve always secretly hoped I would be nominated for something for the blood, sweat, and tears I put into DDL.  But I wanted it to be a real award, and not one of the “Vote for me Every Single Day” annoying awards that are just trying to get extra traffic for themselves and care nothing about actually giving an award!

Even though this is a new Award, it is hosted by Padded Tush Stats and is just about cloth diapers.  I have been nominated by a few people (thank you!) in the Cloth Diaper Resources category.  If you have learned from my blog and feel I’m a valuable resource for the community I would appreciate a vote.  There are also awards for Best Cloth Diaper, Best Accessory, and Best Retailer.

[/box] [box] Follow me on Pinterest!

I’ve been on Pinerest for a while but I’m just now starting to get more addicted involved.  This is completely unrelated to cloth diapers, but I would love to find more people to follow that have similar interests.  I have been adding lots of pins to my “Things I’ll Never Cook” board.  (Full disclosure, I actually did make a few of the recipes on there!)  I’ll be following everyone back who follows me.
Follow Me on Pinterest  [/box] [box] Be Featured on DDL

Black Friday is coming soon.  That means SHOPPING and DEALS.  I’ll be compiling my Second Annual Black Friday Deals list and publishing it early that morning.

If you are a cloth diaper retailer offering discounts and special sales for Black Friday then you will want to be listed in this post.  Last year it was a hugely popular post that passed around the internet for all the fluffy deal seekers to find.

Listing is totally free, but I will also be offering featured slots for a small fee at the top.  Due to the number of retailers offering sales the post will be very long, so top is always good.

And since a girl’s gotta eat, don’t forget DDL does have advertising options available and other ways to promote your business (such as hosting a review or giveaway).

  [/box] [box]Mark your Calendars!

Twitter users, mark your calendars for November 22 at 9 pm for a Twitter Party hosted by myself (@KimRosas) and @ClothDiaperGeek for Mom’s Milk Boutique! There will be lots of prizes!  More details to come.  [/box]

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