Geffen Baby Absorbers Plus Review

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Every baby is different, and even a single baby can go through stages where a diaper that worked great can need more frequent changing or you may find yourself troubleshooting leaks or irritation. Sometimes you don’t need a whole new diaper, sometimes you just need a little something extra.


Geffen Baby has a line of universal diaper inserts designed to work with any cloth diaper on the market with minimal adjustment and maximum efficiency. The addition of one of these inserts allows for extra absorbency to help with car rides, nap time, and other times where changing more often is less convenient. This is a great way to make your stash work for you, especially if you’re feeling any frustration with your current stash.
Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩ I was sent a 3 pack of Super Absorbers Plus, made from sixty percent hemp and forty percent organic cotton fleece. This insert is a full size insert; I’ve found it to be perfect for my eight month old (who wears 12-18 month clothes) while still providing a good fit for my petite two and a half year old (who wears 2t). Geffen Baby has a helpful chart on the sizes here:  There is minimal folding required, the soaker (6×17”) fits neatly in the majority of our diapers with just a small fold in the front or back if the diaper has a lower rise. On the few diapers we use that have a more narrow channel in the middle, I simply rolled the edges a bit to tuck the insert neatly within the diaper (though I did find gusseted diapers did better with this adjustment than others).

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩✩ At $14.49 for a three pack you are spending less than five dollars per insert which is a fantastic deal compared to many leading brands. I love that you can use these as an independent soaker or as a booster with your favorite diaper. If you’re on a tight budget and working with some diapers that have seen better days you can add a few Geffen baby to your laundry without breaking the bank and fall in love with cloth diapering all over again.  You can also find them in a 6 Pack.

Performance ✩✩✩✩✩ I found these hemp/cotton fleece inserts to be incredibly powerful. I tuck them in covers for a quick and economical change (perfect for errands and travel since I can bring an extra insert or two and a small wet bag and just swap out the insert when needed). I also use them to get the most out of diapers I usually consider “average” to boost them to favorite status. Both my girls tend to be heavy wetters and require a lot of absorbency, and these inserts do not disappoint.

Fit ✩✩✩✩✩ Thanks to the blend of hemp in the five layers of soft organic cotton fleece these inserts are extremely trim and almost unnoticeable in terms of bulk. If I add them to a diaper that already has a flat or insert of some sort I don’t notice any difference in fluffiness. If I use them as a standalone in a cover I have a very trim diaper that fits nicely within even snug clothing.

Overall: I love how trim and absorbent these inserts are. My babies have not had any irritation issues and seem to love the soft brushed material against their skin. I can also tuck the insert underneath another if I need to (for example, I can wrap an organic cotton flat around it for a baby who only likes organic cotton against her skin) but I have found the texture of this insert is amazing when it comes to spraying off solids, the mess comes right off.  If the hemp and organic cotton fleece is not your cup of tea or the size doesn’t fit your needs Geffenbaby has an entire line sized from newborn to ultra offering a variety of materials and absorbency levels. I love these as a shower gift as well because they are perfect no matter what cloth diaper style the parents decide on (and because they’d look adorable in a diaper cake!) and are also a great way to create an overnight diaper for a light to moderate wetter.

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