Fuzzibunz One Size Review*

*Update: This particular version of the Fuzzibunz One Size is no longer made.
Ease of Use ✰✰✰ The Fuzzibunz is a great diaper, but anyone who has never cloth diapered before is going to be pretty shocked at the amount of adjustments that need to be made. Plus, it has snaps which make changing a diaper harder than velcro. Once you have adjusted the diaper a couple of times and understand how it works and you get a good fit, then you will know the amount of adjustments needed the next time you need to size up.  Not shown in the video, but another cool feature is that the back elastic is adjustable as well.  Perfect for those tiny waists!
Bang for the Buck ✰✰✰✰ As one size diapers go, this one is a great price point at 18.95. It is one dollar more than Bum Genius 3.0, but I think that dollar is well spent when you consider that it will last longer than a BG 3.0 with velcro. You can cloth diaper for much cheaper but if you are looking for convenience you will want to spend that extra money.
Performance ✰✰✰✰✰ Despite a little wetness around the legs at night that happened one night, I still rate this a five. There are many reason that might have happened, including human error. I double stuff it at night, and use the longer insert during the day. The inserts are pretty thick as far as microfiber goes, so it is absorbent. The diaper is also nice and comfortable for my son.
Fit ✰✰✰✰✰ The fit is fabulous for my son, without a lot of bulk and visible snaps on the front. I think that this will fit a very small baby with relatively little bulk, and it has a nice long rise for toddlers. The cross over snaps can fit a teeny waist too.
Overall- We really love our Fuzzibunz OS diaper! If I had to do my stash all over again I would add quite a few more of the Fuzzibunz. I think if I had the option I would prefer a hemp insert for a trimmer look and more absorbency but the microfiber works well enough.

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