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Today’s Fluffy Mama of the Week is UpstateMomof3. She runs a cool blog and happens to live quite close to me! Read her fluffy story!
I’m Upstatemomof3 from Our Life Upstate. We are a pretty regular, all American family. We love going out and doing things – anything really. Whether it is the zoo, the museum, a site seeing trip or a hockey game we are out there loving life. We are the family who takes our ten day old baby out in the rain (it was only drizzling but still raining) to enjoy a day out together. We really have a great life and I could not ask for anything more.

How long have you been cloth diapering? I started cloth diapering last November, when my daughter was three months old.

What made you decide to start? We had been using disposables and they were constantly leaking. It actually took us awhile to give in and get cloth diapers because we had a stock pile of disposable diapers. We probably would not have ever had to buy diapers during her entire time in diapers. But they leaked at least once a day and sometimes more. So, I wanted a better choice.

What was your first purchase and why? The first thing I bought were prefolds and Thirsties covers. My mom had used prefolds on my brother and sister when they were babies and so they were the first thing that felt comfortable to me.

How much do you think you have spent on your diapers total? I have spent $485 on my stash. Granted I have sold some things and bought others but I have always kept that number. I will not buy anything until I sell what I no longer use.


Have your family/ friends been supportive? My friends have. Hubby is very supportive. Our extended family is fairly unsupportive. My MIL actually offered to pay for our disposable diapers if we would switch back.

What has been the most rewarding aspect of cding? Seeing my baby in all that cuteness. 🙂 Okay, is all seriousness I love not throwing the diapers away. I love know that every time I reuse a diaper I am helping to save our environment. It feels great. And it certainly does not hurt that it is good for the wallet.

What is your favorite diaper to use? Hmm… I really like my KCK One diapers from Purple Ducks on Etsy – she custom made them for me so they have Rangers logos on them. I love it. And they work fantastically.

What has been the biggest challenge to your success at cding? The biggest challenge is not buying buying and buying. I want everything. I want to buy more all the time. It is a big challenge. Other than that I have found the switch to cloth diapers to be so wonderful that nothing bothers me.


And anything else you want to discuss!!! I guess I would just say I love cloth diapers. I am so glad I made the switch and will most definitely never go back. We made the final switch to cloth overnight as well back in March and a disposable diaper will not be used by us again – not even when we take off to Ethiopia (hopefully this fall).

Thanks for sharing! I can’t believe your MIL offered to pay for your disposables. Craziness. If you want to learn more about UpstateMomof3’s family make sure to check out her blog.

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