Fluffy Mail! May 12.

I consider this Fluffy Mail.  I sent five of my Bum Genius 3.0 One Size  Pockets to be converted to snaps by a mom I know.  I chose the ones that the aplix was most raggedy on.  My son is modeling a converted moonbeam, and the other ones are just laid out to show the pretty snaps.  I love em!  I hope to get the rest converted soon.


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  • Stephanie

    I have a personal question for you, How much was it to convert them? Did you have it done by someone in Syracuse? Can I have the information for a friend. She lives in Liverpool and wants to convert hers. Thanks! Steph
    PS Did you join the ap_syracuse yahoo group?

  • I actually mailed mine off to an acquaintance who lives in the midwest. She charged 3.50 each for adding 2 rows of snaps. If you don’t want to use her there are tons of WAHMs who do it. They advertise that they do it on Diaperswappers.
    And yes I did. Thanks for suggesting it!

  • Stephanie

    Thanks I will tell her. She is on the ap list so i might have her e-mail you or e-mail the ap group and see if anyone can do it locally.