Flip Trainer Review

Flip Trainer review
Flip Trainer

Another Monday, another video and review.  This time for the Flip Trainer– the bumGenius/Flip solution to reusable training pants.  The concept of this one combines features not usually seen on training pants- “one size” rise snaps and replaceable soakers similar to an All-in-Two.  Did the risk pay off in the design?  Read my review.  You can also watch the video to see how it works in action and see what it looks like on a 3.5 year old.

Ease of Use ✩✩✩ If you block out having to replace the wet soaker pads with fresh ones and possibly having to redo snaps on the rise after pulling it onto the child (this has been a recurring issue voiced by many parents but not one I have encountered personally) then it would be a 5 star. It goes up and down smoothly, and even though my son said it was hard I’m pretty sure he was just being a typical weird pre-schooler who complains about everything. I did not find putting the pads in to be the easiest experience, I had to ponder about what side went where and how to fold and then get it aligned correctly under the flap…. not my favorite thing. I only used the trainer at night and didn’t even need to replace multiple times a day.
Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩ I think the Kit with 5 pads and a waterproof shell is very fairly priced at 34.99. That is essentially 5 changes for a child unless you need to double the inserts. Flip doesn’t suggest using these at night without one of their disposable inserts so if that is your plan it will cost more in the long run. The thing about it being “one size” is strange: on the one hand you won’t need to size up on a trainer, but on the other hand- who sizes up trainers?! Most children aren’t in a trainer too terribly long, and not long enough to need to change from a medium to a large. It could come in handy for a second child who trainslater/earlier than your first child and needs a different setting though.
Performance ✩✩✩✩ To be completely up front Fletcher hasn’t used the heck out of this like we do with diapers we review on Everett. He is 3.5 and only wets on occasional nights. My personal philosphy on potty training is to cut them off so I’m not even sure I would have a use for a waterproof day trainer that often. We did use it at night with mixed results. Some mornings the sheets were wet, some they were dry. We only used 1 soaker but I suspect we should have been adding more but I just kept forgetting… The soaker was definitely saturated when he did go and he is 3.5 so his wettings are on the heavy side. I’d like to try it with a hemp insert as well soon but it was packed up when the movers came on accident. Boo!
Fit ✩✩✩✩ Fletcher is 30 pounds and wears the trainer on the middle rise. He wears the panels on the tightest setting. It fits him well in this size. I did not experience the rise snaps popping open when I pulled it up or when he did but I saw this complaint often on Diaperswappers.
Overall: I wanted to love this trainer but it didn’t do much for me. Since it hasn’t worked that great at night and I don’t have a need for a day trainer it won’t get much love from us until maybe when Everett begins potty training. In my world I don’t know that we would utiilize the AI2 functionality because of they way I like to train my babies (completely nude or undies) and would only use a waterproof trainer for outings. I might sing a different tune when Ev trains but for now that is what I’m thinking. I do prefer the looks of the GroVia as well but love the Lovelace and Albert prints in the Flip trainer.
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I purchased this kit from Cottonbabies.com in order to perform this review.

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