Flip and Econobum Reviews, Should I? *UPDATE


UPDATE: Kelly’s Closet has generously offered to send the Flip and Econobum for review.  I am very grateful to them for making these reviews happen.  I know the videos will help parents who are trying to decide between the two, or who are wondering how the Flip/ Gro Baby systems differ.  I am also so happy at the comments I have received to far.  Thank you all for helping me decide, and to those of you who emailed or commented that you would allow me to borrow your own diapers for the video.  I am really truly beyond amazed at all of your kindness.  You all have assured me that keeping the blog going is the right thing to do as well.  Though I may sometimes skip a few days, I am still here.  But family is first!  I can’t wait to bring you these reviews and the other diapers waiting in the wings.  Plus, December is going to be amazing.  I can’t wait to tell you what is in store.  Just think Fluffy Christmas!

I am conflicted about doing a Flip and Econobum review.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with the brands, these are new diapering systems from the makers of Bum Genius.  The FLIP is a snapping cover with a snap down rise to make it one size, and you can use it with stay dry inserts or organic cotton or disposable inserts.  The Econobum is meant as an introductory cloth diaper.  It is 9.99 for a plain white snapping cover, and it comes with a one size prefold that is divided is squares to fold different ways for different sizes.

I aim to bring readers video reviews of diapers to help you decide what diapers are best for your family, and to help you compare them to others you may be considering.  I have done reviews of diapers I own, and at this point, am usually sent the diapers to review.  To bring you as many reviews as possible, I have to do this.  Otherwise, I would spend more money than I have buying diapers for reviews.

Bum Genius doesn’t really send diapers out for review at this time.  This is fine, not everyone does!  But, I know a lot of you are interested in seeing a video of the Flip and Econobum.  I was very close to buying them both last night but then I talked myself out of it, for good reason.  40.00 for them all.  I am saving my money to buy the longies being knit for my son’s first bday.

If you want to see a video review of the Flip and/or Econobum, keep me in mind while shopping for diapers.  If you are shopping at Kelly’s Closet, use my affiliate link.  I made a percentage of the sale, which I can turn into diapers to review.  Or, if you just happen to own a diaper store that carries these items and you are reading this, consider sponsoring the diapers to be reviewed.

There have been many diapers I have wanted to buy to review, but again, I have to be rational.  Do I need more diapers?  Absolutely not!  Should I be pouring money into this website instead of my son’s birthday?  No again.  But I would still like to do my reviews!

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