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Over the weekend Twitter was a fire with the news that a comment war was in progress on the Tampa Bay Online website.  The newspaper had a short blurb, not even 5 sentences, about a nurse in held at a Tampa area Chik-Fil-A.  The mother was handed a towel by the manager a complaint was received.  The mother was asked to cover up.  The Tampa Bay newspaper said very little, and a comment debate ensued.  The ignorance of the public about breastfeeding was astounding.  I want to share a few comments that were shared, including my own.

I find the whole issue of breast-feeding to be barbaric. Yeah yeah, I am going to get lambasted over that, but it’s how I feel. They make formula for a reason you know.

I understand the need to feed. But it was not out of line to ask her to shield others from this miracle of nature. Ugh… the last I want to see while I chew my chicken sandwich is someone breast feeding their child. All the political correctness about our rights, our rights, our rights, needs to stop. Consider mine for once.

My comment- I breastfeed my son whenever he is hungry, without a cover. My son will not eat under a cover, and even if he would I wouldn’t use one. I wear concealing clothing that I pull around my breast so the only thing you can see is the back of my baby’s head. You will not hear “suckling” or see my nipples. In fact, I have people talk to me without realizing my son is eating. For the formula feeders- did you not go out to eat because you knew your child would need food while out? No, because you could whip out a bottle. If the manager asked you to feed your child in the bathroom would you? No, because that is unsanitary. I will not be a prisoner to my home because I have chosen the natural and healthiest possible way to nourish my child. I cherish the quiet and intimate times we share while nursing. I also enjoy leaving my home and socializing with human beings. If more people viewed the breast as what it is: an outlet for human babies to get milk, we wouldn’t have pervs trying to see if they could glimpse a nipple. And, if the breast wasn’t so sexualized maybe people wouldn’t think seeing a baby feeding from one is disgusting. The sad thing is, I am probably moving to Tampa and I will have to defend my rights to the jerks lke many of you commenting. But believe me, I will not hesitate to feed my son wherever I please. If you say something to me, I may squirt you in the eye with my disgusting milk. I have great range and good aim.

Covering up isn’t always as easy as it sounds. If you find yourself without a cover or with an upset baby that just wants to eat feeding your child is your first concern. Maybe you should all question why you are so bothered by a mother feeding her child.

I won’t be insulted by a mother breast feeding till I see her ‘pole-dancing’ at the same time.

Absolutely! Don’t do it–unless you brought enough for everyone…

That same mother, Chylain Krivensky fired off letters to Chik-Fil-A corporate about her rights being violated.  The TBO left out many important facts about the nurse in.  The idea for the nurse in was actually Chik-Fil-A’s!  Corporate decided to teach their employees a lesson.  They invited the mothers to come and nurse their babies and flaunt their rights.  Now, I realize this was also a publicity stunt by Chik-Fil-A and a way to rectify their mistake.  I am still impressed with their open mindedness, especially since I realize they are a very Christian Organization.  The fact that they allowed a large group of women into their restaurant with the purpose of pulling their breast out is impressive, even if it was for the purpose of feeding their babies.  I have actually breastfed my son in a Chik-Fil-A while on vacation, without any comments from onlookers or staff.  All of this talk about Chik-Fil-A is making me hungry!  Too bad I don’t have one within 2 states of me!

If you would like to see footage of the nurse in watch the video:

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