Fisher-Price EZ Bundle Review

I was given the opportunity to review the new Fisher-Price EZ Bundle: a new 4 in 1 Infant Seat, Swing, High Chair, and Toddler Chair.  Yes, you read correctly.  4 baby essentials in one!  With a price point of 150.00 you get nearly every baby furniture essential for your home.

Here’s a revolutionary new space-saving idea that’s also a great value! The EZ Bundle 4-in-1 Baby System gives you 4 baby essentials in one! Start with one seat, then snap it into the infant seat frame, the swing frame, the high chair frame or the toddler seat frame. So easy to switch—and everything you need is included! Requires 4 C batteries.

At the moment, my baby tester hasn’t arrived yet, however he is anxious to try it out when he arrives.  In the meantime, I am going to give you the lowdown on what I have experienced so far.  I will let you know how he likes it when he gets here!

Infant Swing

• 6-speeds for variety

• 3-point restraint

• Comfy stain-resistant seat pad

• Approx. 0-6 Months, Maximum weight: 25 lbs.

• Use Swing from birth until child becomes active and attempts to climb out of the product.

High Chair

• 5-point restraint

• Comfy stain-resistant seat pad

• Approx. 6-24 Months, Maximum weight: 50 lbs.

• Use High Chair only with a child who has enough upper body control to sit up unassisted.

Newborn Seat

• Great for feeding or napping!

• 3-point restraint

• Comfy stain-resistant seat pad

• Approx. 0-6 Months, Maximum weight: 25 lbs.

• Use Infant seat from birth until child is able to sit up unassisted.

Toddler seat

• Holds toddlers up to 50 lbs.!

• Comfy stain-resistant seat pad

• Approx. 18 Months & up, Maximum weight: 50 lbs.

• Use Toddler seat only with a child capable of getting into and out of the product unassisted.

First Impressions:

The box the EZ Bundle comes in is rather large, however you have to remember there are parts to the 4 items inside.  Opening the box overwhelmed me a little.  There were what seemed to be a lot of parts.  I took a breather and came back to the box to tackle my project.  In reality, it was not that hard.  I am like a man in that I don’t like manuals.  I winged it.  I looked at the pictures and compared parts, laying things out that seemed to go together.  4 green pieces went together to create the base of the High Chair/ Toddler Chair stand.  No screws needed.  The infant chair/swing base does require a few screws.  I found it hard to screw them in with a regular screwdriver, so a drill if you have one around is definitely handy!  The swing needed a few screws, and my hubby actually did that part.  Overall it only took 20 minutes of assembly between all of the different pieces.

High Chair: Honestly, this chair is not missing anything in my opinion.  Some people like their chairs to recline but I have never found this necessary.  I believe if you like to give a child a bottle then this is something you need.  My baby never had a bottle and when he learned to use a sippy he didn’t need to be reclined.  The tray is large enough for any dish I own.  The fabric of the seat is easy to wipe clean, another bonus!

Toddler Seat:  My son loves this seat!  As soon as I put it down he ran over to sit in it.  I think toddlers in general love having their own, easy to access, chair.  Unlike our upholstery chair, I felt good when he ate in it knowing I could wipe it clean.  He did often try to sit a cup on the “arm” but it is sloped and just falls off.  He is used to the seat he already had which has a flat arm.

Infant Seat: Sometimes, you just need to put a baby in a safe spot.  Especially if you have this at a home where there aren’t other baby gadgets, this seat is going to come in handy.  Instead of putting the baby on a couch, bed, or floor, you can use this reclining seat which has a buckle.  It might not vibrate or play music, but they don’t always have to!  There is a little rattle toy attached which can entertain the baby.

Swing: The swing has 6 speed settings.  I will have to test out how it goes with a baby and how many pounds it can swing with, but so far it seems to be working great.  My son is just too large for it!

Big Picture: Ok, here is what I love about this.  Cheap, cute gender neutral print and color scheme, and space saving.  But what I really love is the potential for this to make trips to the grandparent’s house that much easier.  For 150.00 you or your parents can buy a simple item that will change how your visits will go.  Let me tell you, I would have killed for a swing for my son when we visited our family.  He napped in a swing at home most days.  There, napping took place on me.  I also didn’t have a place to sit him down…. there was a bouncer but it was upstairs more often than not, and carrying it up and down was a hassle.  There, there was the high chair conundrum.  My well meaning in laws bought a clamp on high chair that was fabric.  It works well for my son now, but it was so soft and low, eating was hard when he was younger, and clean up was a nightmare!  I wanted a regular plastic, easy to clean, chair.  I also think having a toddler chair is such a cool possibility.  There is a tiny wicker chair that he likes to use but it is more for decoration.  He sits on the floor to watch TV and the toddler chair would be much more comfortable!

150.00 is a small price to pay when you want the comforts of home!  And of course, if you are just starting out buying the baby basics and you have a tight space and/or a tight budget, this is a pretty sweet set up!

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I was able to review this product through my affiliation with Mom Select. The item was sent by the manufacturer for the review free of charge.  No other compensation was received and all opinions expressed are my own.

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