Are you still using *gasp* bottled water? Haven’t you heard it is no longer hip to be seen with a Dasani or Evian in your hand? That bottled water is advertising the fact that you are wasting the planet’s resources. It is great if you recycle them; good for you. But even better if you go cold turkey. No Bottled Water. Read up on the waste that bottle water causes.

I am the first to admit that I cannot stand tap water. We had a Brita pitcher long ago but we never remembered to change the filter. Then we tried a filter for the tap, and we also forgot to change the filters. Now we have gone to a PUR filtered pitcher and I am determined to keep up with it. Before the pitcher we would buy gigantic water dispensers for the fridge. Better than bottles but not good enough. I recently found FilterforGood where you can sign a pledge to stop your usage of bottle water.

Are you a new mom trying to work off your baby weight? The website has some cute and affordable Nalgene bottles for the gym. If you need a filter or pitcher they are giving coupons to people who sign the pledge. A great cause and a great way to save some green!

Filter For Good: Pledge to reduce bottled water waste.

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