Eight Awesome Nintendo Themed Cloth Diapers


Let it be known that I love old school Nintendo and I don’t care who knows it!
 I also love cloth diapers so when the two meet it is geek heaven!  I’ve compiled eight of the most awesome Nintendo Themed cloth diapers on the Internet.  Take note that many are not available anymore but it is still fun to have some eye candy!  Click the images to visit the shops of these fine cloth diaper makers.

Orange Diaper Co. fitted with Hard to Find Mario fabric.
Rarpz Design Mario Brothers Diaper
A Zelda inspired diaper courtesy of Seams Geeky on Etsy, where there are several other video game inspired designs.
A little love for Donkey Kong! Via Cutesy Tushies on Etsy.
A Short Rounds fitted featuring a stoic looking Mario.
A little “old school” fabric turned into a beautiful boutique fitted from Bagshot Row Bamboo (BSRB)
My own Mario Longies custom made for Fletcher’s 1st birthday by iCandy Knits to represent level 1-1.
A Goomba is the star of this custom diaper from Rumpkinz.
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  • I love the Orange Diaper Co. one!

  • Mrs. Cox

    Love it! I just had to order a Mario themed diaper … my husband will smile {as long as I keep the price to myself lol!}

  • Tara Alderman

    I love those Mario longies! So cute and creative! I have the BSRB fitted. I love it. I know my son has no idea who Mario is, but I love BSRB “old school” diapers!

    • kimrosas

      My son learned pretty early on who he was and it was adorable hearing him try to say the name. Granted his room was decorated in Mario things and he had a Mario 1st birthday party so….

  • I have a cute GIRLY mario & princess peach fitted, WAHM made out of an old t-shirt. I love it!!

    • kimrosas

      I would love to see it! I bet that is adorable!

  • Julie

    My oldest daughter hates it when I talk about cloth diapers but she loved these. 🙂 The Legend of Zelda diaper is her favorite.

  • Keara B.

    We are a pretty “geeky” family, and I just had to tell you that I love this post!! I really want one of these diapers. 🙂

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