EC Wear- ECA Pants Review

EProcketsI was sent a pair of teeny tiny training pants by ECA Wear from EC Wear, a website where you can find products for ECing and resources to help you get started.

ecapantsThe ECA Pants I was sent are first off, the cutest tiniest things you have ever seen.  It is so strange to see a baby without a huge fluffy butt.  ECA Pants are thin enough that they don’t look like diapers, but they have enough absorbency to hold in one pee, just in case we have a miss!  You can get them in snaps or velcro, and waterproof or not.  Waterproof ECA Pants would be great for the baby who is excellent at ECing and who can use a public toilet.  For us, the non waterproof were perfect.  They allowed me to keep checking to make sure we hadn’t missed a pee, and in the one case where we did miss (I had the bath running but hadn’t put him on the potty yet in case he had to go, which he did.  Water works!) the ECA Pants held in the pee without leaking down the legs.  I could tell immediately that he was peeing and started making our cue “pssst.”  Even though we missed, I still want him to associate the “psst” sound with going, in a diaper or on the potty.

EcaPant_open_viewWhat I have to convey to you is how easy these make ECing.  Because they have an elastic band in the front, when you undo the front of the pants, just like you would a side snapping diaper, the pants stay on.  Essentially, you just remove the front so that they can go, and push it to the back.  When your child is done, just flip the front back up and resnap.  I can even resnap him as he crawl away!  Something that does not work with a diaper since it isn’t attached to him.

If you are an ECing parent, these aren’t a must have, but they do make your life so much easier!  Sometimes I find myself being lazy about EC (especially for a few weeks where we took a “break” with life being so hectic) and when I think about having to take off pants, undo diaper, potty, then chase the baby while I try to put a diaper and pants back on, I get exhausted by the thought.  Having an easy way to EC can certainly keep me focused on my son and his needs, even when the day is jam packed.

About EC Wear:

EC Wear LLC, based in New York City, is owned and operated by Marija, a work-at-home-mom (WAHM).  Marija and her husband Chuck have been practicing Elimiination Communication with their son since his birth.  Initially, their interest came out of concern for the environment and dislike of disposable diapers.  Eventually, they realized the best benefit of EC was for their son’s health. At EC Wear you will find clothes in sizes newborn to 24 months that are made in USA, Canada, Europe, or Australia, fair trade, or made by women in their homes or in workers’ cooperatives. It is our priority to disclose the origins of every item we sell. Of course, nearly all of the clothing is suitable for any parents who are looking for convenience in clothing and diaper changes, whether practicing EC or not.


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    I love the Bongo Baby Waterproof Trainers that she sells. I love the fact that they look and feel like undies, but hold one pee. They are nice without the snap sides because my EC baby is old enough to not poop in her undies anymore. I just need that nap-time pee protection!

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