Easy Expressions™ Hands Free Pumping Bra Review

Easy Expressions™ is a mom founded product by Gretchen Penny who created this hands free pumping bra to help her efficiently pump at work and allow her to multi task. Pumping can be a complicated process, especially for working mothers who absolutely need to pump both sides at once. You are either stuck holding to flanges for 20 minutes, or you can use the hair tie method. Neither of these are stable or allow your hands true freedom. I am always amazed by the mothers who work full time and pump to nourish their babies. I am lucky to able to stay home with my son so I cannot relate to having to pump at work. I will say that I admire pumping and working mommies the most because they work so hard to balance work and babies and keeping up their supply. This product is for them. I asked Katrina, a friend of mine who happens to work full time and pump, to review this bra. Here is her review:

I am a full time working and breastfeeding mom, to my nine month old son; I breastfeed when I am at home and he gets 2-3 bottles of expressed breast milk while I am away each day.

When I was offered the opportunity to try out the EasyExpressions™ Hands Free Pumping Bra I was very excited, I need to pump three times each day when I am at work and I try to add a fourth session in the evenings to add extra milk to my freezer. As you can imagine sometimes I get a little sick of looking at my pump, and holding the bottles and the whole ordeal.

I selected the Bustier version because it seemed it would be easier to put on and take off, and I chose a size Medium as I currently fluctuate between a 34 B and C bra size.

When I received the Bra I couldn’t help but to giggle, because it does look quite comical and a little scary.

My hopes for the bra would be that it was comfortable and convenient to use, ultimately it needed to work well enough for a new mom to make the purchase.

I was very impressed with the quality of the material and construction on the bra, and the cotton and Lycra blend was comfortable on my skin. The elastic around the bottom of the bra is very similar to that of a sports bra without leaving indentations in my skin.

When I zipped up the bra I was a little worried that my nipples did not line up perfectly with the holes in the bra, but it was not an issue at all. I was able to easily slide the breast flanges from my Lansinoh double electric pump into the holes and pump, HANDS FREE!

Hands Free and able to enjoy time with her son.
Hands Free and able to enjoy time with her son.

The first few times I used the bra I felt like I should still support the bottles because I would never want to risk spilling any “liquid gold” aka breast milk, but I soon realized that the bra supported the flanges perfectly and I did not need to worry.

The holes in the bra makes it a little difficult to wear as your full time bra, especially in a work environment, but you could always slide a nursing pad inside to cover the hole and wear loose fitting clothing if you did not want to carry it as an extra bra. I found that I did not need to take my regular nursing bra entirely off to use the Easy Expression Bustier, I could simply take the straps off my shoulders and attach the bustier over the top.

My favorite experience with the EasyExpressions™ was being able to nurse my son on one side and pump the other without struggling to hold onto him and a pump flange and that I could now pump while playing with him too. In my opinion the Hands Free Pumping Bra is an absolute must for any exclusively pumping mom.

After using the bra for a few weeks I am pleased that it has held up well being washed and look forward to continue using the product.

The only improvement I could see eventually being needed is a heavier duty zipper, the current one is still working for me but it is a thinner zipper that may be problematic with frequent use.

Overall my experience with the EasyExpressions™ Bustier was a very positive one, and I will recommend their products to other pumping mothers.

img-02EasyExpressions™ offers a Bustier ($34USD) and a Halter ($19USD) version that

  • Work with all breast pump brands
  • Accommodate bra sizes 30AA – 48H
  • Made in the USA

Easy Expressions™ has some handy tips for pumping mothers as well.


Practice Pumping. Begin pumping a few weeks prior to returning to work so you can build up your milk supply and get the hang of pumping.

2. Talk to the Boss. Moms returning to work should consult with their bosses prior to their first day back and discuss what quiet and private space (with a door lock) will be a dedicated “lactating” room.

3. Get the Right Tools. A working mom will need to have the right tools in place if she is going to find success in pumping while at work.

Suggested tools include:

  • A Good Pump: Working moms need a good, electronic double breast pump so they can quickly pump and return to work.
  • Hands-Free Pumping Bra. The hands-free pumping bra was invented by a working mom in Houston. It holds the breast pump shields in place, freeing a mom’s hands so she can continue to work and be productive while she simultaneously pumps. It is a lifesaver to many working and busy moms!
  • Storage Container: Moms should get a roomy cooler to discreetly store breast milk. The cooler should be stored in a fridge at work and it should include plenty of ice packs for on-the-go transporting.
  • Extra Shirt: Working moms should keep an extra change of clothes at work in case breast milk gets on their work clothes.
  • Pictures from Home: Moms should also bring along pictures of their babies. Experts say looking at pictures of their baby can aid in milk production and let-down

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