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Doopsy contacted me recently and asked if I would like to review their new cloth diaper.  While the design in general isn’t that exciting or unique, they do offer an interesting new type of insert called a “Super Doopsy” which is a PUL backed, bamboo terry sock.  I think the video will explain it best!

Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩ Doopsy diapers are pockets with snap closures and a 3 step snap down rise adjustment.  You can use the Doopsy as a pocket diaper with their microfiber inserts, or  with the Super Doopsy insert.  Each tab has 3 snaps, 2 on the waist and one on the hip.  Application of the diaper is simple, 6 snaps to affix, but it doesn’t take too long to do.  Granted, there are more snaps than some other diapers and it will obviously take more time than a velcro diaper.

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩ The Doopsy “SD” is 17.95.  However, you can find the regular version without the SD insert for only 15.95.  While it is a good price for a pocket diaper, you may not get as much for your money since it seems to fit on the small side.

Performance ✩✩✩✩ The Doopsy SD insert is very absorbent.  It takes a little longer to dry than the microfiber insert that comes with it.  I didn’t have any leaks with either insert, but I think the microfiber insert is a bit thinner than others.  It just never happened that my son was in a heavy wetting mood while using it.

Fit ✩✩✩ On the unsnapped rise setting (the largest possible) this diaper fit so nicely on my son.  It is really trim as well.  Unfortunately, on most pocket diapers he is on the middle snap and has more room to grow.  In these he is very close to outgrowing.  He is 25 pounds or so.  Waist wise he does have more room, but not on the rise.

Overall- The Doopsy SD is a good and inexpensive pocket diaper that comes in some really cute colors.  The snaps don’t match the PUL, some people care, some don’t.  It does get very small but looks like it won’t fit as long as many other pocket diapers.  The SD insert is very neat and absorbent, and a nice option to have.

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I was sent a Doopsy “SD” diaper for the purposes of this review.  No other compensation was received.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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  • Melissa

    These diapers are tiny!! I’m surprised they’re considered one-size. I got one a while back and there was no way that it was going to fit my chunky, 30lber.

  • Sarah

    Does anyone have any thoughts as to the comparison between Doopsy’s Original Version and their New Version? I know the only difference is the row of top snaps, but wondering if anyone found any difficulty with one over the other, or no difference at all?


  • Babyecomart

    We recently created a thrird Doopsy version which is our “Relaxed” Fit design. It is larger than the original version and the “Trim” fit version.
    Basically, the sizes go up from the “original” to the “trim” (previously called “new”) to the “relaxed” version. The original version has been discontinued.
    We are also selling a package at that includes both the “trim” and “relaxed” version called the “Perfect One Size Doopsy™ System” = Two Diapers for ONLY $21.95 that fit any Size, Shape or Form Baby –
    In addition, we created a new type of Pocket Insert that is not expandable but it does have a layer of PUL for additional leak protection.
    You can find it on the “Inserts” page on
    I hope this helps. Regards, Joana