Disposable Diapers According to Willy Wonka

PhotobucketMy initial and main reason for cloth diapering is to reduce waste.  As a pregnant, first time mother the idea of leaving behind tons of used disposable diapers behind that weren’t going to break down for 500 years was more than I could stand.  I did my research and decided cloth diapers were the only option and boy am I glad.

The amount of waste an average American family generates is staggering.  Add to that thousands of diapers per child and you can imagine almost an entire landfill full of just one family’s trash.

Cloth diapers might end up in a landfill someday but not before being used hundreds of times.  Some diapers and inserts will also go on to live a fulfilling second life as cleaning cloths.  The same cannot be said for a disposable diaper. One and done.

So what do you think Willy Wonka would say about this?

Wonka Cloth Diapers

This little post is part of the Real Diaper Week BlogHop hosted by The Eco Chic.

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  • The waste is the #1 reason we cloth diaper as well. My stomach sinks every time I take out my trash so the idea of dozens of diapers per week was way too much for my conscience! The health benefits come next. The financial savings were just an added bonus, although now I wonder if we could have even afforded disposables!

  • Robyn s.

    This was one of the main reasons we decided to do cloth as well. I love the caption!