Dirty Diaper Laundry Turns 4! Time to Celebrate with a week of Giveaways but first…

…you have to listen to me get all sappy and reminisce about how it all started.  I’ll be posting the giveaways all week so stay tuned-
Dearest Diapers $25 GC. Ends 4/18

BALM! Baby Prize Packs. Ends 4/19
6 LC Fitteds and a Lunette Cup. Ends 4/20
Orange Diaper Co. OS Fitted. Ends 4/20
$25 GC to Kelly’s Closet and car decal. Ends 4/20
100 Load Box of Eco Nuts Soap. Ends 4/21
2 Babykicks Basic Pockets. Ends 4/22
Thirsties Prize Pack. Ends 4/22
Diaper Lab prizes-Ecoposh, Swaddlebees, and Trainers. Ends 4/23
Poppy Fields Fitted. Ends 4/23
Applecheeks Swin Diapers and Bundle. Ends 4/23
Jack Be Natural $50 GC and Rarpz Diaper. Ends 4/23

The time flies when you are having fun, or when you are busy raising 2 boys and running a popular cloth diaper blog!  Either way I’m pretty blown away that I have been doing both of those things for 4 years.  Not to get all sappy and emotional but “why do they grow up so fast!?”  The baby this blog was built around, my original diaper tester Fletcher, is 4.5 years old.  The idea for Dirty Diaper Laundry and the original cloth diaper video review were born simply from a desire to show parents the modern cloth diaper and the many parts and purposes.  As with all of my great ideas it happened while I was laying in bed trying to sleep and I promptly started working on it the next day.

Fletcher in a Gro Baby-2009
Fletcher in a Gro Baby-2009

To date I have filmed, edited, and published over 156 video cloth diaper reviews and over 250 videos in total.  Beyond videos I have spent 4 years writing articles to help parents learn more about cloth diapers.  I’m not a one trick pony though; I do enjoy exploring other topics in both my videos and my blog posts.  In fact, for the past 4 years the most popular posts (in traffic) have always been about something not related to cloth diapering.  That used to upset me but now I just laugh it off because I know that the entire world enjoys crafts and tutorials, only a small percentage like looking at cloth diaper articles.

The driving force behind the blog has always been the readers.  I’ve hit a lot of walls and have wanted to throw in the towel but there has always been someone, usually a regular reader, to talk me down.  I do enjoy what I do very much but make no mistake about it; this blog is a job too.  About 3 years ago I started taking it seriously and have partnered with some amazing companies who support the blog by buying ads or work with me on giveaways.  As a niche blog having these companies to work with is so appreciated and necessary since traditional monetization most other blogs use wouldn’t work for DDL.  I’ve been able to bring an income in for my family and do a job that is fun and that hopefully makes a small difference in the world.

My boys are growing so fast!
My boys are growing so fast!

The times, well, they are a-changing.  My last baby is 2 now and will hopefully be sporting some spiffy and less than fluffy new underwear soon.  So what does that mean for my blog?  Well, for starters, I won’t be able to truly “test” and review cloth diapers on my children.  I have found a wonderful mother to begin reviewing diapers for the blog.  She has a sweet 5 month old and is already working on several reviews that you will start seeing post soon.  I will still make videos for the diapers so that will remain the same.  It is a bittersweet time in my life, that is for sure.  The good news is that as my boys age and become more independent it frees me up a little more to work on larger scale projects.  I’m not done yet!  There are so many ideas in my head (and scattered on notes and emails to myself) just waiting for me to put into motion.


I’m celebrating all week with lots of giveaways from some very awesome sponsors, many of whom have been a part of DDL for years!  I couldn’t do it without them or you.  Now they are helping me fill a week with giveaways!  Dearest Diapers, BALM! Baby, Eco Nuts, Kelly’s Closet, Jack be Natural, Green Baby Elephant, Orange Diaper Co., Green Team Enterprises, and Thirsties

all have prizes for you.

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