Dexter the Elf Satisfies his Dark Passenger

This isn’t to be viewed by children!
The Elf on the Shelf has given me a creative outlet that I desperately needed.  Since having my second child in October 2010 I haven’t had much time or energy to craft like I used to.  When Baby Rabies posted her 5 Innapropriate Elf on the Shelf ideas I was excited.  Thank GOD someone else had visions of mischief beyond TPing the Christmas Tree for their Elf.  I am not alone (or totally messed up).


Then she announced her contest.  I already had a few ideas in my head before a contest was formed, even before her original post.  I just figured I should keep them to myself.  Now, I have a justifiable reason to put Wyatt, my Elf, in some very innapropriate situations.  While my sons napped I turned Wyatt the Elf into Dexter Morgan from the Showtime series Dexter.  If you do not watch it, short synopsis is that Dexter has a dark side that has to be satisfied by killing.  He only kills murderers and very bad guys.

Presenting Dexter the Elf-

Original Dexter the Elf

Original Dexter the Elf
Original Dexter the Elf
Original Dexter the Elf

To learn how to make your Elf pose-able like mine visit my tutorial. It is beyond awesome and gives your Elf superpowers. Whether you use them for good or evil is up to you.

I realize these photos are wicked awesome but please DO NOT re-post or copy or else Dexter the Elf is coming for you next… bwahaha 

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