DDL’s Home Office Makeover

It has been a long time since I’ve published any home improvement pictures or updates. Of course, 3 years after moving in there aren’t many changes being made but this year I did kick my son out of his room in order to give myself an office. Previously my office was the guest room and I would have to breakdown the photography and video equipment for guests and with a bed in there I hardly had room to maneuver. Since my sons wound up in the same bed a lot of the time anyway I decided to make it a permanent thing! I also couldn’t bear taking away a guest room, especially my Golden Girls Guest Room, so it was the only option I had. Sorry kids, mama needs her space.


When you walk in this is what you see- the dresser I originally re-painted for Fletcher’s room that has now become storage for my photography, videography, and office supplies.  The closet holds my backdrop stand, more photography and video equipment, and more unsightly supplies I only take out when in use. I like my office pretty and clutter free.  The tassel garland is from Studio Mucci on Etsy, desk and rocking chair are Eames reproductions, and the side table is a Homegoods find.

On top sits a few of my treasures including vintage cloth diaper detergent (never used), the Playtex NOS Dryper Diaper, Curity breast pads, and advertisements (all from the 1950’s). I also keep vintage cameras on the dresser and my Boon Glo nightlight.


To the left is my desk. I actually don’t use the desk often except when I write thank you letters for donations sent to Giving Diapers, Giving Hope. I prefer to work on the sofa or sitting at the kitchen counter for simple tasks. I do record voiceovers here when needed and host my live chats from this office because it is quiet. I also use the Silhouette and laminator often for craft projects so in a sense this room is doing double duty as my crafting room!


I had Sew Fatty make this awesome handcarved rubber stamp for GDGH that I use on each and every handwritten card. I also have one for DDL though I think I need a new one to match my new logo. I adore stamp ink pens, they make multi-colored stamps possible and are just easier than ink pads.


Above my desk I have repurposed the wire line that used to hold my son’s artwork (it was a total you know what to install) to hold some of my other treasures. Vintage cloth diaper covers, advertisements, photos, and a few keepsakes from previous expos and conventions adorn the line.

To the right of the room is the main reason I even have an office! Videos are filmed in the light box and any product photography is also done there. I spend a lot of time standing in front of that table for video reviews. While my lights aren’t exactly fancy it does the trick. My table is just an old folding one with painted plywood on top so that if I need the space for other filming I can break it down. I will need that space for a video coming soon that Lara is helping me with! It’s going to be a good one! The basketball hoop just stays there… seriously… I have no idea why I haven’t taken it down and moved it to the boys’ room. Maybe I should just blow off some steam and play a little bball in my office…. haha!

So that’s the new office! Having my lightbox up permanently has been so amazing, it feels great to run over and take a few images for a post whenever I need to without setting things up and breaking them down. So far the kids haven’t complained about their shared space and we can work on crafts on the rug together in that room too!