DDL Hits The Road- MommyCon or Bust!

2015 is a pretty exciting year for me because it is DDL’s MommyCon debut.  MommyCon is a convention for parents and parents-to-be that focuses on natural parenting that combines an expo atmosphere with brands on hand to educate on their products, educational workshops on parenting topics, plus inspirational speakers on topics ranging from breastfeeding to car seat safety.  Several months back MommyCon’s organizer, Xza (a name you can get away with leaving off a last name!) approached me with the idea of joining the event as part of the Cloth Diaper Resource Center.  After making sure the travel dates would work I signed on and the CDRC became the Cloth Diaper Resource Center with Dirty Diaper Laundry (that’s me!)  We also dreamed up a new session that I am so thrilled to be teaching at 7 events in 2015 called “Turning Red to Green- A Menstruation Workshop on Switching to Reusables Presented by TheDivaCup.”

Chicago’s Schedule 2015

I have to say it is extremely gratifying to know that out of the many other resources and blogs about cloth diapering DDL was asked to join the Resource Center.  It has been a 5+ year journey- my skills have grown, my outlook on life has grown, my children have grown- all right before the eyes of my readers.  I’m most excited to meet many of you at each event!  Each time I see a reader suggest my website to others I’m always grateful and it’s amazing to know that what I am doing here is helping.  If you will be at a MommyCon event this year please stop by for any help you need with your cloth diapering questions, bring your cloth curious friend over so that I can hopefully bring them to the cloth side,  or just come by to say hi!  I love seeing the light turn on when a family realizes cloth diapering is something that they want to do, and that they CAN do.  I love playing a small part in that.  If you love the history of cloth diapering as much as I do and want to chat about it or ask questions please do that too!

As much as I love talking about cloth diapers the Menstrual Session is kind of a dream come true.  Ever since switching to a menstrual cup I have felt the need to convert other women (I am a #vagangelist after all) with my blog, social media, and videos.  It is definitely working!  I know I am not the only person responsible for more women switching over but the word is spreading like wildfire and as more women switch they tell their friends, and so on!  Like cloth diapering, seeing cups in person and hearing real women discussing their triumphs and failures is really key to summoning enough courage to go against the mainstream and try something on the fringe.  I am coming very prepared to this session with my clear vaginal-tube stand in named Virginia, TheDivaCup demo cups, and a pretty snazzy uterus and vaginal canal with cup work of art.  Visuals are everything.  There will be a Q&A at the end or attendees can ask questions about the session or reusable menstrual options in the CDRC after.


I’m thrilled to be joining the MommyCon family, consisting of so many amazing and inspiring individuals who have made it their mission to educate parents in their field of expertise, and excited to get face time with all of you able to make the events.  I’ll be at Chicago, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Orlando, DC, Columbus, and Newport Beach locations this year with my sparkly unicorn poop and vagina tube.  You can find all of the dates listed on MommyCon’s website: http://mommy-con.com/events/

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