Daycare Friendly Cloth Diaper: Thirsties Duo All-in-One (+Thirsties Bundle Giveaway-2 Winners)

When choosing a cloth diaper for daycare there are many factors to consider including the cost, the ease of use, and how it works for your child.  One of the cloth diapers I find that fits the mold is the Thirsties Duo All-in-One.

The Duo AIO is one of the very few cloth diapers I have reviewed that received an almost perfect score across the board for Ease of Use, Bang for the Buck, Performance, and Fit.  I’m a HUGE fan of these diapers and the price is fantabulous at 15.75 (16.75 for prints).

For daycare most facilities are looking for a cloth diaper as similar to disposables as possible.  The Duo AIO from Thirsties is pretty darn close.  It is all one piece so there is no stuffing or unstuffing.  Unlike pockets, you won’t have to unstuff the diaper once you get it home since most caregivers aren’t going to unstuff it for you.

You can get a Thirsties Duo AIO with velcro so it really goes on and off in the simplest of ways.  If you prefer them in snaps they offer that too but it is always good to verify with your daycare if they will use snaps.

The velcro also means that any care provider, regardless of whether or not they have cloth diaper experience, should be able to put on the diaper without making any serious mistakes on the fit.  A messy or incorrect application might lead to leaks but the Thirsties should make for an intuitive and easy application.

I mentioned the price, right?  For a Made in the USA cloth diaper that is also a convenient All-in-One there is no competition in this price range!  $15.75 is far less than many comparable all-in-one’s.  The diapers are not a “One Size” and follow a “Dual Size” system.  They will start fitting earlier and fit longer than most One Size diapers, however.  You will need a Size 1 for the earliest months (0-9 months) and a Size 2 for later (9-36 months).

And if you buy the prints your baby will have the best dressed diaper in the whole building: I guarantee it!

Because Daycares regulated by the state typically follow a strict diaper changing protocol of every 2 hours this All-in-One should have plenty of absorbency.  Unles your child is a very heavy wetter it should also suffice for their nap.

Summary of Why This Diaper Is Perfect for Daycare of Childcare Providers:

  • Easy Velcro Closures for a diaper changing experience just like a disposable
  • Best price for the category: Made in the USA, All-in-One, only $15.75!
  • No pre-stuffing diapers before packing the daycare bag or unstuffing before washing.
  • Great absorbancy for day time use.
  • Easy to get a great fit every time by any care provider no matter their cloth diaper experience.
You can find Thirsties Duo AIO’s at most cloth diaper retailers including some of my favorite retailers and affiliates Diaper Junction and Kelly’s Closet.

Thanks to Thirsties 2 lucky readers will also get a Thirsties Bundle Prize Package!  The Bundle includes:

Two (2) Thirsties Duo All In Ones. The winner can select color or print, size (1 or 2), and closure (Aplix/snap) and a jar of their certified organic diaper ointment Booty Love.

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