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newbaby_2010[1]This review was written and performed by Kristen, DDL Contributor, for the New Baby Event.

It isn’t too often that you find a product that is unbelievably cute…but is also very useful as well.  The Cozy Cocoon is a product that is both.  The cozy cocoon is made of stretchy cotton and is used to swaddle a baby, without straps, snaps or Velcro.  You scrunch it up like a sock and slip it over the baby, starting at the feet.  It keeps them swaddled nice and tight.

About Cozy Cocoon:

Photo taken from
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More than just a product, the Cozy Cocoon® is an idea, which is that by swaddling our newborns with comfort and beauty, we encourage healthy development of the senses and we nurture the child’s adjustment out of the womb and into the world. By this means, Cozy Cocoon® supports parents in building a strong foundation for the child’s developing sense of self in the world. When babies are tucked into the Cozy Cocoon® there is no jerking, startling movement, and no skin-irritating synthetic fabrics to startle them out of their dreamy reverie and into the rollicking world. Our softly-colored, natural organic fabric into which baby is completely tucked and held, is the most natural progression from out of the womb and into the arms of the caregiver. The idea of the Cozy Cocoon rests on the wisdom of ancient and indigenous cultures that finds a unique expression in our own time, not based on replication of old ideas, but by recognizing that in our modern times we need modern solutions to the most basic and beautiful of life’s experiences ~ bringing new life into the world.

Kristens Daughter wearing a Cozy Cocoon in the hospital.
Kristen's Daughter wearing a Cozy Cocoon in the hospital.

I started using the Cozy Cocoon on my newborn daughter when she was only 2 days old.  I got so many comments from the nurses at the hospital and also from friends who visited about how adorable she looked in it and many people asked what it was.  It did take a time or two to be able to master getting it up and over her, but was easy for both myself and her father, who notoriously hates swaddling because of all the wrapping and Velcro usually involved.  Using the Cozy Cocoon, you don’t need to worry about zippers or Velcro rubbing on your baby’s sensitive skin and you also don’t need to worry about the blanket coming unraveled because you didn’t wrap it tight enough or correctly.  The Cozy Cocoon is very useful because it keeps the baby calm and unable to have the “startle” reflex and I imagine it would also be very comforting to babies with colic as well.  The only downfall with some of the styles are that when you need to change a diaper (which is often with a newborn), you need to take it off completely.  There are some styles that are open at the bottom however, so that makes diaper changes really easy.

In addition to the cotton and organic swaddlers, Cozy Cocoon also offers couture swaddlers, which are adorable and are great to use for those prime photo opportunities.  Even if you don’t chose one of the couture styles, I find that every time I put one of the Cozy Cocoons on my daughter, I am reaching for my camera shortly after because I just can’t resist the photo op!

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