Could it be? The best velcro diaper ever!


I haven’t purchased a velcro/aplix/hook and loop/whatever you call it diaper in years.  Why?  Because in general- they suck.  The velcro either stops sticking after a while, curls up, or starts out so strong that it is a strong man competition to pull it open in hopes it will last.  I had pretty much given up and moved to all snaps.  I know the benefits of velcro but in my mind the pros never outweighed the cons enough.  Snaps last!

Then one day it occurred to me that one of my diapers that we used on my son at night, and have had since it first released, was going strong.  The velcro was still sticking without any signs of failure while another velcro diaper from the same time period has been completely unusable for a year.

This magical, miracle diaper?

Tots Bots Easy Fit v2 v3.  (A few readers say this is v3.  I had it as v2 in my original review so I may have been mistaken then.)

It seems the UK is much better at making velcro than America.  Just listen to that sound…

I’ve had this diaper in rotation for 2 years, and when my son was still in diapers full time it was in heavy rotation because we liked it a lot.  We still use it once a week or so since it is a tongue-style pocket and fits so trim that I put it on my son in case of an accident at night (which is still frequent).



I still prefer snaps since overall I can be sure they will last for the long haul over velcro diapers, but for those who just love velcro take a look at Tots Bots!  My original review from 2 years ago can be seen here: Tots Bots V2 v3Review and Video.  In that review I stated I preferred the original soaker materials and PUL, and while I still do, I now know why they switched after seeing older and well loved V1 Tots Bots so the new materials are for a reason.  Now the Tots Bots is on V4 and since it looks like the velcro is the same I am going out on a limb and saying purchasing one now would be a good choice for anyone who needs or loves velcro.


Have you found a diaper with velcro that lasts? Let us know in the comments and help other DDL readers who may be looking!

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  • Tara Lenoir

    I REALLY love the new Thirsties aplix! It[s AWESOME.

    • kimrosas

      I’m hoping that does turn out to last a long time but since it is so new I can’t say for sure. I’m cautiously optimistic about it!

  • Kimberly Long

    Bumkins have super strong h&l. It still looks brand new on kid #2.

  • Miriam

    Hey, I got my first Tots Bots at diaper lab and love the velcro. They now have the V4 as well, just in case anybody is looking for them 😉

  • Rachel

    Despite no longer having Bummis as a distributor, there are actually quite a few retailers carrying the new Tots! I won’t list them all hear out of respect for your affiliates, but if someone were to join a Tots group on FB, I’m sure members there could help identify retailers. 🙂

    • kimrosas

      Yes plenty have them in stock right now that I can tell.

      Please excuse typos and brevity. Sent from my iPhone

  • Leigh

    I have all four versions of the Easy Fits and they are still using the great velcro on the T4s. We have the Itsy Bitsy and Hey Diddle Diddle (both worn yesterday) and love the binky fabric.

  • Qwertytigger

    “…I now know why they switched after seeing older and well loved V1 Tots Bots so the new materials are for a reason.”

    Can you share this information with the rest of us?

    • kimrosas

      The fibers just didn’t hold onto the tongue after many many years of washing, it became thread bare based on the ones sent to GDGH as a donation. Not sure how they washed them