Confessions of a Potty Hoarder- Potty Showdown

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I have a bizarre tendency to collect potties. Maybe because they are handy when you are ECing babies to have in random rooms around the house, or maybe they are drawn to me.

pottycollection copy

When we moved into this new house and unpacked I started putting potties into the newly shelved and painted linen closet and discovered that I had more than I realized.  It suddently became less of a linen closet and more or a potty museum.

Six. I had six potties. And one Flippee.

Each potty has advantages and I’m sure you are wondering which is my favorite but I don’t have ONE. Potties are like diapers- some work better for babies/toddlers at different sizes and ages.  I’m comparing all of the potties I own to one another for a little “Potty Showdown.”  *Some links in this post are to an affiliate but as you can see, these are all products I own and opinions of them are 100% honest.

The Baby Bjorn Little Potty was my very first. When I heard about ECing (infant potty training) I knew I wanted to try it with Fletcher. He was 6 months at the time so I needed a tiny potty and this one was highly recommended by ECers. It was definitely small enough for new walkers to sit on by themselves but for taller toddlers it is actually too short and will make the children feel like they are falling if they back onto the seat. Best age range for this seat is about newborn to 2 years.  These have been discontinued and replaced with the Smart Potty-the only different seems to be that it has a removable bowl to make cleaning easier.

redikeapottyThe Ikea Potty is attractive because it is so cheap- only $5.00 new. The drawback is that not everyone has an Ikea and they do not ship these. They are slightly taller than the Bjorn Little Potty. I like them as a cheap “stash thickener” if you are ECing and need a few extras for upstairs or maybe your car but as a full time potty it isn’t comfortable. The seat left red marks on my son’s bottom and he complained about not liking it. Best age range is newborn to three years since it is taller, but be warned that they have a shallow dip so if your little one takes a “big boy” poop it could very well reach their bottoms!

The Prince Lionheart Potty Pod is a king among potties if only for the size. It has a huge footprint compared to others. It also comes with some “bells and whistles” like a removable bowl for easier cleaning (versus washing a small but entire potty over and over) and a “deflector shield” which can be VERY handy when you have boys. The seat is also cushioned so when you are in that phase of training when you have the kids sit and wait for magic to happen while you read books it is more comfortable. In the long run this potty wasn’t our cup if tea but only because of the size. It is nice for the larger toddlers because it is higher to accomodate their longer legs. Best age range is 1 years and up. (They also make a Basic, cheaper, and smaller version of this called the PottyPod Basix and a seat insert called the WeePod that looks super nice.

The Baby Bjorn Toilet Trainer is a seat insert for the toilet. This is our go-to seat once the kids are older and ready to “get down to business” and full on potty train. I’ve ECed with it too for sure, but when we transition to making it full time this is the seat. It has an internal adjustment to make it fit any size toilet and by turning that wheel to widen or tighten the fit it keeps it from wobbling. The LAST thing you want is when potty training is a wiggly seat- it will make your children nervous. It also helps the rubber seal that keeps pee from going under the seat and onto your toilet seat. It has a shield for boys who sit and pee (very handy) and a loop at the back to hang it from a potty hook on your toilet or elsewhere (also handy). It is somewhat bare bones but has the exact features I want in a seat and therefore is my number one potty seat recommendation. Suitable from about 8-10 months and up.

The Folding Potty Seat is what it is. It is really, for me, a seat you use at a friend or family member’s home, or in public. It’s only purpose is to make the toilet seat opening smaller so that your child feels more confident and comfortable sitting. Some children are fine to be held on a larger potty seat and won’t need it. The only reason we ever used this was because my boys noticed the character and wanted to use it on our seat at home. It gives under weight and feels like it dips in and it slips and slides. Fine in a pinch for those kids who refuse to sit in a big seat but not my favorite. It is nice that it folds though. Really best for toddlers 1.5 years old or more.  See also the popular Potette with disposable inserts (or use your own cloth ones and carry a wet bag) for public potty using.

The Flippee is one of those crazy things I bought because I was sick of cleaning little boy pee from the crevices of the toilet behind the seat. Moms of little girls- no need to read this paragraph. I trained my oldest boy to pee standing from the get-go. It was the only way it “clicked” for him and set on the road to potty success. We used the cheerio in the toilet method for teaching aim but little boys often daydream so the wee-wee would wander and end up spraying on the toilet or elsewhere. The Flippee attaches to the seat creating a shield, like a urinal, and deflects any pee back into the toilet. Yes you end up cleaning that but it has no cracks in it and when not in use it flips to the underside of the toilet. I loved this thing but sadly it is not longer made. You can find little urinals if that is your thing. I actually really like the looks of this VkTech one (shown in image) and might order it for Everett. He still pees sitting down.

jackpotty copyI am SO NOT a fan of those elaborate and hideous character potties or those that looks like tiny toilets. I don’t like the ones that sing, dance, or have flashing lights. I might be in the minority but I see no reason for them. When I looks for a potty I want something that is 1. Easy to Clean and 2. Sleek and Modern looking. Clenaing pee from stickers on a potty, and around lights, etc, is not my idea of fun.

When it comes down to it- any seat will work but the end goal is to get your child using the big potty.  If you are starting to train and you have an older child just go for a seat insert.  The reason I love ECing is that even if done on a very part-time basis, it introduces your child to the potty at a young age and takes the fear out of potty training and using a BIG toilet.

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  • meljc

    THANK YOU. We have two of the Ikea potties because I happened to be there and they happened to be $1, but I figure they’re good backup (for car and grandparents). But I did notice the “red butt” on my 21mo old now that we’re in the reading+potty phase, so I feel like he needs something more comfortable but that we can still use in his room. PottyPod (or Basix) it is!

  • Leigh

    We love the bigger BabyBjorn potty with the high back. Both kids preferred it. Ikeas are our back ups, upstairs and outside. Love the BB seat insert, it just works, but kids preferred little potties. Hate the fold up seat thing. Love the potette which has a reusable silicone option and is great with a prefold.

  • Cassandra Snider

    I bought the fold up one for the diaper bag because my daughter REFUSED to use a public toilet. She loves Cars, so the Lightning McQueen seat enticed her to try it. We only had to use it for about 2 weeks before she was fine without it. It really is kind of a crappy seat–slides around, gives under weight…but worth the $10 I paid simply to get her to use a real toilet.

  • Melissa Flint

    Great post! We’ll be doing this next summer, but I am already researching and I think I’ll be purchasing at least one potty chair soon, just to have around, so my son can practice sitting on it and getting used to it. I’ve been interested in the Potty Pod, and it’s nice to know you can pick up a cheap chair at Ikea. We just happen to be heading to Minnesota next weekend so I’ll be looking for those at Ikea (no stores near us). Thanks for the good info.

  • anastasia @ eco-babyz

    My favorite potty EVER is the Pourty Potty from the UK, after trying many, I’ll never go back after this one, we love it so much I recommend it to everyone! It’s not expensive either, under $15. It’s so much easier to wash, has no weird crevices, and has this great finish/paint that makes things rinse off really easy (I can’t say the same for the Bjorn, which we also have).

  • Danielle

    Hi, my name is Danielle and I’m a potty-holic. I have bought 7 potties. We started with the baby bjorn little potty doing some EC when my daughter was around 6 months. Now we primarily use the prince lionheart potty pod in my daughter’s bathroom because it really doesn’t get much use beyond her needs and she loves it. We also have the prince lionheart one that goes on the big potty. She uses that in the basement. I also have 2 of the pottetes which are very handy on the road for long road trips in the middle of nowhere and 2 of the foldable potties for running errands etc. Our favorite folding potty is a frog potty but I can’t remember the name. Its not as flimsy as the other folding potty we have but it is bigger and more padded.

  • Des

    Thanks for sharing! We used the Weepod since it’s adjustable just fine but my younger one was scared b/c it was so high, then moved to the Bemis NextStep toilet seat, it’s a regular toilet seat with a toddler seat that pulls down from the lid. (home depot) LOVE it and both my boys (who are the exact same age as yours minus a week or two!) have been much more successful. P.S. I have been following us you since you started since we were preggo at the same time in 2009! Love ya girl πŸ™‚

  • Katie S

    We have the Baby Bjorn toilet trainer also and it’s fantastic! I’ve loved it! I thought it was a little pricey but it turned out to totally be worth the money!

  • Carla

    Kid #1, I bought a “flushing” sing and dance potty. We had it about a week before I said,” This thing has GOT to go”. Talk about a cleaning nightmare. I went to the store and picked up the regular baby bjorn. LOVED it. I held on to it and child #2 used it, too. Now, child #3 is about to potty train and he will use the same potty! It’s still in perfect condition. So easy to clean!

  • kzoo0405

    we have a couple ikea potties and ds is using them for the last few days without issues. he sits the wrong way on them but he seems comfortable with it. i will take one camping next week and i usually have one in the car during this phase.

  • Ginger

    Ooooh, Potty Talk, I’m in! For traveling, you can’t beat the Potette Plus. It folds up small enough for the diaper bag and then folds out to be either a secure (no sliding or pinching) seat reducer or a free-standing potty with either diaposable bags or a reusable silicone insert. I suppose you could also just set it up in a discreet place in nature. I’ve also heard of people using a wetbag with a prefold inside.

    On our home potties we have Arm and Hammer seats. They fit well and are easy to clean and have handles so they can hang on a command hook. They have a little air freshener that snaps in the back. Now I kind of wish that we had gotten the ones that attach to the seat and flip down because that looks even easier for a toddler to use and no extra clutter.

    We also have Baby Bjorn little potties and a cheap one from K-Mart that is very similar but lighter weight. The only downside with the cheaper one is that it sticks to dd’s butt when she stands up if she is damp at all and then can spill. Yuck. But it was great for ecing when I was always lifting her on and off.

    For Baby #2 I think I am going to splurge on a top hat potty. So that will make… 6 potties? They need a support group for people like us! Oh wait, it’s right here!

  • Tiffany O

    thanks for the post! was actually looking into this for my almost 2 year old and going to order through your affiliate link πŸ™‚

  • Cherry

    Thanks for sharing! I wanna start potty training my 19 month old, he’s showing some signs that he’s ready to potty. Urinal type of potty sounds interesting. I think we might go with the folding potty seat and the baby bjorn toilet trainer! Thanks! πŸ™‚

  • Worker_Bee

    I am impressed with your potty collection! We have an insert built into the seat of our toilet seat/cover. It’s magnetic, so when the lid is lifted, the child seat goes with it, and can be brought back down for lo to use. We missed our first window around 16-18 months due to family work transitions, so now we’re just offering and encouraging our 2.5yo and hoping he’ll go with it soon.
    Thanks for the review… I’m suoer disappointed that urinal style isnt made anymore. :-/

  • Nicole

    Ikea has a new potty style now and it’s even better! The seat is rounded, so more comfortable than the old one and there is a removable insert (Like the Bjorn) to dump contents more easily. $5!

    • kimrosas

      The future is here!

      Please excuse typos and brevity. Sent from my iPhone