Confession: My Cloth Diapers Aren’t Color Coded


The Pinterest effect spreads far and wide, including to the cloth diaper community.  That elusive “perfect stash” and beautifully organized collection of diapers look gorgeous in the photos, don’t they?  Who wouldn’t want their diapers to appear color coded in the baskets or drawers, or organized by diaper type and brand?

I’ll admit that I used to.  When I only had one child and he was not mobile I had lots of time to slowly fold my diapers, lovingly organize them by shades of color, and put them away in a perfectly organized changing table.  My color coding was flawless since I used to work retail and knew the correct color scheme for clothing.  I often went into my son’s room, which was never used for sleeping mind you, just to look at how pretty and neat everything was.

Our Empty Drawers
Our Empty Drawers

Fast forward to almost 4 years later.  My second son’s diapers are currently sitting in a laundry basket, hanging on the wall.  There are 2 loads worth.  Well, there used to be except I was pulling diapers from the basket so by now there might be a full load in there, maybe less.  Each time I need to change him I run to his room only to forget I don’t have any clean diapers.  Sometimes he is naked already so I have to run across the house, grab an insert and shell since I already took all of my “easy” All-in-One’s out, and stuff the diaper while sprinting back.  Repeat multiple times a day until I finally decide to stuff my diapers and put them away.  Usually by then the pail is full and I already have another load ready to wash.  I can’t get my head above water in the laundry department.

Current view of my landry room
Current view of my laundry room

I should just start changing my son’s diapers in the laundry room because I can’t seem to get his diapers past that room and back into his drawers.  I hope I’m not the only one whose stash lives in a basket and not organized in drawers.  (The time it took for me to write this post and edit photos was probably enough to catch up on folding clothes… ironic right?)


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