Comparing the bumGenius 4.0, bumGenius Freetime, and bumGenius Elemental with Video and Chart

Now that bumGenius has a well rounded line-up of One Size cloth diapers you might be wondering which BG product is right for you and your family.  I’m here to help.  I’ve tried the bumGenius 4.0, bumGenius Freetime, and bumGenius Elemental cloth diapers so my purpose is to show you the differences and similarities of each so that you can decide.

And before you all ask- I do have a favorite.  I love my bumGenius Elemental and have since the first time I used it 3 years ago.  When I buy a new diaper for son it is almost always an Elemental in a color I don’t own.  Second favorite would be the trusty bumGenius 4.0.  Whike the Freetime was an exciting idea I find the application process on the baby to be a bit tedious, especially if he moves and shifts the position of a soaker while I’m putting it on the baby.

This chart and video should answer all of your questions.  You should also refer back to my reviews: bumGenius 4.0, bumGenius Freetime, and bumGenius Elemental.

Also see user reviews of each diaper based on the baby’s size, weight, age, and the length of use on Cloth Diaper bumGenius 4.0 Reviews, bumGenius Freetime Reviews, and bumGenius Elemental Reviews.

If you found this video and chart helpful and decide to make a purchase I’d love you to use one of my affiliate links. I use sales from those links and the commission to buy new diapers to review. I am an affiliate of Kelly’s Closet  (use code SPRINGBLOG for free standard shipping on orders over 25$ excluding Rockin’ Green and Ruby Moon, expires April 15), Sweetbottoms Baby Boutique, and Diaper Junction.

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  • Mila

    Kim, the sound goes out on the video on the 5:49 mark…. ?!

    By the way, EXCELLENT video! I think this will be very, very popular among CD users 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Did the annotation not show? I typed out what was said, unfortunately I have no idea why it went so low. 🙁 Thank you!

  • Sandra

    Kim your site is great!
    Did you know that your ad sense area is showing disposables ads?

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      Thank you Sandra.

      Occasionally a Pull Ups ad will show. When I see them I add them to my list of blocked ads, however they use sneaky URL’s to beat the system! I do my best to steer clear of them. One of these days I’m just going to get rid of it…

  • After having used all three diapers shown for the past few months (we’ve had the 4.0’s for over a year now), I have to say that the Freetimes are my favorite followed by the 4.0’s and then the Elementals.  Freetimes have much more versatility for configurations/inserts and they are a little less “bulky” than the 4.0’s.   The Elemental stitched inserts though very soft, tend to scrunch up while my daughter wears them, often get solid waste down in the lower layers which is hard to remove, take FOREVER to dry, and you can’t get the stains out as easily as you can never really get them so they are exposed to the sun.

  • mom

    Thank you!

  • Alaina T

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Such a great reference!

  • YanP

    I just wanted to check I thought bum genius elementals were supposed to have the best absorbency not the worse as indicated on your chart. Could you just confirm which it is. Thanks! Fab video by the way

  • Keri

    Super helpful – thank you!