“Fold and Hold” Cloth Diaper Card from Great Arrow, plus, a FREE card! Sept 1-7

The other day I was shopping for a birthday card at a local independent card shop.  I am always amazed when I go there to find gorgeous and unique cards for less than Hallmark or American Greetings.  That is why I love shopping there.  While looking around I happened to find a card featuring a cloth diaper on the front!  The card is called “fold and hold” and features a tutorial on how to fold and pin a diaper.  Ok, how cute is that?!?!  It is a silkscreen printed card made by Great Arrow.  “Fold and Hold” was even selected as the 2000 Card of the Year at the Greeting Card Association “Louie” awards.

the inside reads, "...and hold.  Congratulations"
the inside reads, "...and hold. Congratulations"

Great Arrow is a Buffalo Based company.  Here is a bit about them.

At Great Arrow Graphics, we take pride in publishing extraordinary hand-silkscreened greeting cards for holidays and everydays. If you’ve ever held a Great Arrow card, you know what makes us different – the color, the texture, the feel of something made by hand.

I can tell you that browsing their online catalogue is completely different than seeing the card in person.  My card has texture and silver that catches the light.  It is just gorgeous.  I have also purchased another card from them, a beautiful Bat Mitzvah card.  Let me tell you how hard it was to find a Bat Mitzvah card, and then let me tell you how hard it was to find one as gorgeous as this.   I wanted to give the young lady a card she wasn’t already receiving a million times over from Target.  I’m sure I succeeded.

the inside reads "L'dor V'dor from generation to generation mazel tov!"
the inside reads "L'dor V'dor from generation to generation mazel tov!"

I contacted Great Arrow to tell them how much I loved the cloth diaper card and let them know that you guys would love it!  Sadly, it has been discontinued after a very successful run.  I was told they have about a dozen left.  The good news is that Great Arrow has very generously extended an offer to Dirty Diaper Laundry readers.  Between Sept 1-7 you can pick a card from their online store, including the “fold and hold.”  Then, send an email to info@greatarrow.com stating which card you choose.  You also need to provide your address.  Great Arrow has also offered to send a card on your behalf to the recipient of your choosing.  You can send the recipient’s address as well the message you wish to include.  The folks at Great Arrow will hand write the message for you.  Please keep is simple with a nice one line sentiment, they have been very kind to make this offer so lets not wear out their wrists!

Inside reads, "Go nuts.  It's your birthday!"
Inside reads, "Go nuts. It's your birthday!"

This is a very kind offer, so thanks so much to Great Arrow!  I hope you all browse their store and consider them for your future card needs.  I just love supporting small businesses.  I also hope you go to their Facebook page and become a fan of their work.

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If you take Great Arrow up on their offer, please let me know by leaving a comment! I’d love to know which card you chose as well!

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