Cloth Training Pants Round-Up

This is a small selection of cloth training pants available.  Many reflect well known brands and some are handmade.  There are even more options online including night and day time trainers, and overnight pants for bedwetting with extra protection.

Little Beetles Little Learners (Non Waterproof, Velour, wet zone protection, side snaps) 18.95

Kelly’s Closet

Happy Heiney’s Pocket Trainers (Waterproof, stuffable pocket, side snap, pull on) 15.95
Kelly’s Closet

Bummis Pull on Trainers (Waterproof, terry padding, flannel liner, pull on) 11.00-12.00
Kelly’s Closet

Ladder Hill Designer Trainers (Custom or ready to buy, waterproof, side snap, zorb and bamboo soaker) 15.95

Ladder Hill Hyena Cart

Imse Vimse Trainer (Organic cotton, Waterproof, cotton terry liner) 15.35

BlueBerry Trainers (Non Waterproof, pull on, microterry soaker, bamboo lining) 15.95

Snap EZ AIO Trainer (Waterproof, side snaps, stay dry or non stay dry liner option) 17.95
Jillians’s Drawers

Eca Pants flip down trainers. (waterproof and non waterproof versions) 17.95

EC Wear

Under The Nile (Non Waterproof, organic cotton) 10.00
Jillian’s Drawers

Why Mommy Hipster. (Waterproof or Non Waterproof, side snap) 15.50
EC Wear

Antsy Pants Toddler Pull Ups. (Waterproof, stuffable, side snapping) 25.00-27.00

Starbunz Super Undies (waterproof, pocket for adding additional stuffing, back release) 19.95-21.95


Batik Bum- Bum Unders (Waterproof, Zorb in Wetzone, bamboo liner) 14.00
Batik Bum HyenaCart

Small Skivies (underwear, but too cute not to share for when training is complete) 12.00

Small Threads.  Etsy

Did I miss your favorite?  Let me know and I might add it to the list!

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  • Charlene

    Great list! Rainshine Designs also has awesome trainers! Her line of products has a pretty awesome following. Check her out!

  • Gabby

    That’s a lot to choose from but this list is soooo what I needed because I’m training my daughter (new to CD (mainly for 5 month old son) who was on disposables. I’m trying to find the best cloth trainers. I would love to know which you guys think are the best! Thanks!

  • I’ve never used trainers, since my son wore disposables, so I’m interested in reading reviews. Is there any difference between boy trainers and girl trainers?
    .-= Jennifer B´s last blog ..(Late) Wordless Wednesday – Carpe Diem =-.

  • These seem really expensive! How long do people generally use them for? Are there some less expensive options out that that will still do the trick?
    .-= Madeline´s last blog ..Rachael Ray Roundup =-.

  • This is a great list!

    The only trainer we tried was the HH side snap pocket. And to be honest, I didn’t like it. The leg holes were too tight and the rest of the trainer was too poofy and incredibly bulky when stuffed. And DD couldn’t get it on and off by herself. So we did PT sans trainers. We had a lot of wet underpants for the first week and then, voila – potty trained (for pee).

    We have not mastered poops yet, and she always poops in her night or nap diaper, which are the only ones she wears anymore.
    .-= Heidi Maxwell´s last blog ..Undercover Mama Winner! =-.

  • Pamela O

    I am on the hunt for a nighttime solution for my 2 and 4 yr olds. They are both potty trained for the day but wear cloth at night. My 4 yr old is also a very heavy wetter. They wear HH side snap pocket trainers but I too hate the poofiness and general fit of them. I just bought some wool longies off etsy and that has seemed to work well but my son is not too excited about it. Of all the choices on the list, the Ladder Hill looks like a possibility, anyone have personal experience with them and a heavy wetter?

  • Megan

    I bought some really cheap ones on ebay, but they’re really not too bad. The quality is not perfect, but they were only $2 each.

  • We are ECing, and after much online searching (on a budget), I chose the Potty Scotty/Patty Potty Training Pants (they only pull-up), and they have been working well for my 6 mth. old/14lb. daughter (it also didn’t hurt that Dr. Jim Sears featured them on “The Doctors”). She is wearing the XS (19-24lb.) non-waterproof pant, and although they fit just a tad loose, they still catch her accidents. They are SUPER affordable! A 3pk is $12.95 on the websites. I ordered mine from because the shipping was cheaper, and thankfully it was also lightning fast. It is tough to find a company that makes XS training pants. Please consider adding these to the list. P.S. I’m considering having a friend add side snaps to them. It’s an idea.