“Cloth in Daycare” Event is Here!


This month DDL is exploring using cloth diapers in Daycare- the Why’s and the How’s.  I’ve lined up a month’s worth of guest posts from readers who have a wealth of experience and knowledge on the subject.  Topics range from “How to Pack a Diaper Bag for Daycare” to “How to Convince Your Daycare Provider to Use Cloth Diapers.”  I can’t wait to learn about this topic with you.  We’ll hear from parents who use cloth diapers at daycare centers, with an in-home care provider, and even in the church nursery.

In addition to a lot of helpful resources and articles I have chosen my favorite cloth diapers that work best for care providers and I’ll be highlighting them all month long.  Of course there will be giveaways to go along with these posts so you definitely want to check back in!

With a month long event there is time to answer your questions!  What would you like to see addressed this month about using cloth diapers in daycare?

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  • pange

    our daycare is great about using our cloth diapers. but i would like to know how we can make it easier for them. maybe some daycare providers can offer some tips?

  • Judi

    One great thing about having the church nursery staffed by older ladies is that cloth diapers don’t scare them a bit. That’s all they had when their babies were little. 🙂

  • Sarah

    Cloth wipes definitely – how to use them most efficiently without wasting them if they go unused.

    • taralucida

      We fold the cloth wipes into a stack, pre-wet them with solution made from Baby Bits, and send them in one of the big plastic wipes dispenser tubs. I try to bring the unused ones home at the end of each week and move them into our wipe warmer so that they get used up before getting weird from sitting around wet. Then send fresh ones again on Monday.

  • Rachel

    I have a system for my daughter’s two days of day care per week. Wet/dry bag, AIOs, my provider buy wipes. My question is my daughter just turned 6 months and what to do with the poop now that I can’t just wash it. Liners or spray when I get home?? What have others done? I’m having my provider put those poopie diapers in grocery bags in the wet bag so I know which ones need attention and I also don’t want to wash the wet/dry bag everyday so it will last longer.
    I’m very excited about your series! I hope to learn more tips to make things easier for everyone.

    • taralucida

      After struggling with the same issue for a few months, we got a diaper sprayer and haven’t looked back. Our providers are generally good about dumping the solids out when possible, so usually not too much left to deal with. We’ve had trouble with doublers not being used properly (or just taken out entirely!) so I feel like the liners might be too much trouble.

  • Kacie King

    Heres my situation maybe someone else has been there, We have a four year old who loves his daycare but didn’t start till he was potty trained, Have a six month old who was getting ready to start the daycare approached the cloth diaper issue, had a meeting with the staff, teachers are for it and love the idea, director says no, take in a doctors note, they still say no. It is not in our parent handbook, offered seperate trashcan, wet bag, disposable inserts, anything, still get a no. Ask for the policy they cant provide it in writting, Im beyond frusterated because I want him in cloth but dont want to pull the older child from daycare which he loves and wants to go to. but have dealt with diaper rash almost weekly from using dispoables while he is there.