Cloth Diaper Trends: Tribal


Want to know what the trendsetting tikes are wearing on their bums?  Diapers with a southwestern, tribal, or aztec inspired design! Love it or hate it, it’s here!  I’ve gathered a few of my favorites to share here.  Click over to the brand’s pages or websites to buy or see their other designs.  As some of the diapers are WAHM made the specific print featured here may no longer be available.


The Little Bumblebee on Etsy has several prints that are right in line with this trend, the Jade was my favorite.


NestBaby on Etsy has this stunning Gold and Black print that is just begging to be photographed on a Spearmint Baby blanket and posted to Instagram.


Nicki’s Diapers has released three new prints with a Southwestern flair in a few products. You can only find them at Nicki’s Diapers.


OK OK, this one isn’t exactly the same but the print… I mean come on.  Another gorgeous diaper from Orange Diaper Co.


This diaper from Blueberry&Me is most definitely a Blueberry designed print and is aptly titled Tribal.  They only sell for a limited time.


Cloudnine on HyenaCart has this Aztec inspired print listed.  It’s geometric and bold, all things I love.


A simple diaper cover from Barrel and a Bear on Etsy.  You won’t find this print in stock now but perhaps they’ll add more at another time.  Again, I’m feeling this gold, black, and coral!

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  • Tonia Neal Johnson

    I grew up in New Mexico, so I love southwestern.

  • Jaclyn Erickson

    Oh my! Thank you so much for featuring my Jade Cloth Diaper!!! =) If you would ever want to do a review of my diapers send me an email @ ! <3 <3

    • kimrosas

      You’re welcome! We are really behind on reviews but once we catch up I’m sure we’d love to work with you!