Cloth Diapering Options for a Newborn

This video is just a run down of the various diapers that will work on a newborn.  Just because a diaper was not included in the video does not mean it hasn’t worked for us, I just had limited time and wanted to highlight a few types and brands.

Brands included in the video:

  • Sustainable Babyish Flat
  • Kissaluvs Size 0 Fitted
  • Little Beetle Little to Big Fitted
  • Baby Beehinds Newborn Cover
  • Kissaluvs Marvel One Size Cover
  • lil Joey’s
  • bumGenius! XS AIO
  • Fuzzibunz XS
  • Ragababe NB AIO
  • Happy Heiny’s Mini One Size
  • Thirsties Duo Size 1
  • Ragababe Step 2 Size 0
  • Happy Heiny’s One Size
  • bumGenius! Elemental One Size
  • bumGenius 4.0 in Snaps and Velcro
  • Fuzzibunz One Size
  • Charlie Banana One Size
  • Rocky Mountain One Size
  • Softbums Omni
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  • Megan

    I’ve been using Rumparooz one-size with my 3 week old, and they fit great. She’s about 9 pounds at this point.

  • Thank you for this and such a cute little model too! I will be starting with my newborn in the hospital, here in the next 2 weeks. We will mainly be using prefolds and covers, which I used with my oldest when he was a newborn. This time I also have some other options since I was totally clueless the first time around. I have some lil Joeys on the way and I was wondering how they would fit after the cord stump fell off. We also have some size 1 AppleCheeks and a Thirsties duo diaper.
    Also good to know about the one size, especially bumGenius’ and Rocky Mountain. They will mainly be used on my 2 yr old, but it’s nice to know they have a good fit if we need them with the baby.

  • This is a FABULOUS video!!! I have been anxiously waiting for you to do this with your new experience with newborn diapers!!! Now I just need to talk the hubby into number two and then I can make some purchases!!!!

  • Sabrina

    Very cute video! Im a little disappointed, well A LOT dissapointed, that the video didn’t have the Rumparooz One Size. We have a 2 week old and I have 1 of each of most of the brands you have in your video as well as we have a bunch of Rumparooz. None of them fit like the Rumparooz. Its too bad you dont have any! They are by far the best fitting one size diaper and also for a newborn. My daughter was 7.5 lbs and we had no need for any newborn diapers becuase the Rumparooz fit from birth! Oh how I wish that you had been able to try them….they are AMAZING! Some of the other diapers that we have dont even fit yet. The 1 bumgenius is huge still and gaps really bad at the legs. Maybe by the time she is as old as your son it will fit though.

    Great job on the video 🙂 How did those same diapers fare when he was a newborn?

  • this is an awesome post! thank you so much for all the info – it makes navigating cloth as a FTM MUCH less intimidating!