Cloth Diapering Beyond- Bigger Sizes for Bigger Kids + Special Needs

As the cloth diaper community grows our industry is recognizing that a need exists for cloth diapers that fit toddlers larger than 35 pounds. It’s also clear that families want to save money on diapers when their child needs them longer than the typical 2-3 years which is often the case for children, teens, and even adults with special needs.

bumGenius has released two diapers with larger sizes in mind and AppleCheeks have added another larger size. Both brands are offering products that reach or exceed 100 pounds.

Big and Bigger by bumGenius


Big by bumGenius fit 35-70 lbs. These diapers are ideal for toddlers who begin to grow out of their one size diapers long before they’re ready to potty train as well as the late trainers.


  • Legs: 7.5″-22″
  • Waist: 14″-30″
  • Rise: 21″-24″

gI_153576_cotton babies 2

Bigger by bumGenius fit 70-120 lbs giving parents of special needs children/ young adults a way to use reusable cloth diapers that will adjust to fit.


  • Legs: 11″-25″
  • Waist: 18″-35″
  • Rise: 26″-29″

Each of these diapers can be purchased at and you can find more information on their press release.


Size 4 by AppleCheeks Cloth Diapers

AppleCheeks already have an established Size 3 of their popular envelope covers that fit toddlers in the range of 30-65+ pounds which is a generous size range. A Size 4 will soon be available and will fit 60-100 pounds.

A larger 3-ply insert is also in the works to go with the new Size 4 option.


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