Cloth Diaper Must Haves- My Top Picks

I have lived through 20 months of cloth diapering my son (updated and I now have 5 years+ experience!).  To say I have learned a thing or two is an understatement.  Not only have I tried and reviewed over 50 200 cloth diapers, I have tried all sorts of accesories.  Plus I have real world experience.  I know how to change a cloth diaper on a plane, bench, lap, and how to deal when my son is fighting me for a change.  I have sampled cloth safe diaper creams and detergents and picked my favorites.  And, I have learned how to keep my son relatively still during changes (crucial when in public and there is a nasty poop!)  I am listing what I feel a cloth diapering mom needs and stating my brand of choice where applicable.

A few easy peasy AIO diapers for the babysitter/ diaper bag. Because no matter how much you love prefolds, your babysitter might not.  My favorites are the Drybees Hybrid Pocket AIO and the AMP AIO.

Diaper Sprayer (around 6 months when your baby begins solids)

groovyAt least (2) Travel Size Wet Bags. The Wahmies Medium in the Guitar Print is my go to quick trip out, while my Planet Wise Wet/ Dry in Medium is best for a day trip.

(2) Elastic edged pail liners -or- at least 2 Hanging Wet Bags- Wahmies Pail liner is my choice, and Planet Wise Wet/Dry bag in Large for a hanging pail.

Diaper Pail- if you choose one, it should have a pedal for ease of use, especially when you have a dripping wet diaper.  I love my Diaper Dekor, which I modified to accommodate cloth diapers.

1 pack of Snappis

Cloth Friendly Diaper Detergent (I have used and suggest Rockin’ Green, Molly’s Suds, or Eco Nuts.)

Wool Dryer Balls (if you want to soften your diapers or reduce static.)

Flushable Liners– I have found Bummis Bioliners are the softest.  Good to use when on the go to prevent coming home with poop in your diapers.

Drying Rack, clothesline, or gizmo for hanging diapers- I love my Ikea Octopus for hanging covers, but I just throw my inserts over the porch rail for sunning.

Awesome diaper bag big enough for your cloth diapers! I like my Petunia Picklebottom but I am still drooling over the Go Gaga Messenger bag!

mobileChanging Pad- I have a great changing pad from Ikea!

Cloth Diaper safe Cream- My fav is Dimpleskins Bum Balm.  Silky and very effective!

Distracting/ engaging Toy for changes.  Especially good for when you are learning how to put on a prefold or a snapping diaper.

Mobile above changing table when the baby is younger and can’t reach it. It will keep their eyes engaged while you do your thing.

You can find many of these items at my affiliate, Kelly’s Closet, including the Bummis Bioliners, Planet Wise and Wahmies Wet bags, diaper sprayers, snappis, and Rockin’ Green.  Shopping my link supports DDL!  Happy Shopping!

What are your must have items to make cloth diapering easier?

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  • Here’s one you forgot: A spouse who is willing to cooperate with the cloth diapers! It took me almost a year to convince mine but now that he’s on board they really are as easy as disposables.

    I use the Wahmies pail liner in just an upright trash can I bought at Target with a step pedal that opens the lid. It works great and is super easy to rinse out every couple of weeks.

    Oh, and I gave up on diaper bags and just carry a big over the shoulder tote I bought at Target (hey I shop there a lot) with one of the Planet Wise wet/dry bags inside to carry my cding stuff.

    Great list Kim! This is a wonderful resource!
    .-= Suzanne´s last blog ..1 minute 31 seconds of toddler fun =-.

  • I LOVE your list! After cloth diapering for 2 1/2 years (on and off, full time constantly with my 15 month old from the start), I agree with everything on there!

    I just wanted to second the “agreeable spouse” from the PP and add a diaper bag option that we love here. Has anyone tried the Babystar Tote? We love ours!

    Oh, and that optopus is so cute! 🙂

    Thanks again!

  • Denea Dailey

    Great list! I just started cloth diapering a two months ago when my second daughter was born. I wish I would have done it with my first! I’m going to have to run over to Ikea and get some of those octopus hangers, those would help a lot. How did you convert your Diaper Dekor? I have a one from my first daughter and I have been using it for the cloth diapers and it’s ok. What did you do to make it better? I love your website! Looking at all the reviews really helped me decide which diapers I wanted to try. Thanks!!

  • Amy

    I love my octopus hangers! I find that’s the best way to dry my pail liners, they are open so they dry faster than if they are lying flat on my rack… I also love them for drying covers (and they work well for cloth wipes too)!

  • Amy

    I read in one of your other posts (or was it a review?) that you use cloth diaper friendly fabric softener every now-and-then to keep everything nice and soft. What kind do you use for that? I’m interested in getting some! Thanks for this post–very helpful!
    .-= Amy´s last blog ..No-Sew Wrap =-.

  • Drybees are very Daddy-friendly indeed. Glad that I chose it as the bulk of my newborn stash, as hubby helped frequently with middle-of-the-night changes.

    I love Wahmies wet bags and pail liners too. 🙂
    .-= MieVee @´s last blog ..Vee Turns 18 Months Old =-.

  • Kristin

    I want that hanging dryer thing, how cool! I cant live without my Kissaluv antibacterial pail liners, I have 4. And having a diaper pail upstairs and downstairs. My new changing item I cant live without is a bathmat, the kind with rubber on the back. I lay it on the wood floor, the couch, bed wherever, it dosent slide around even if he does and its thick enough to pad his head even when on the floor

  • I have two wetbags without elastic or any kind of closure that I got from a friend and I have no idea what brand they are, but they’re great. I don’t use a pail or anything, I just twist it closed. I use prefolds, but not with snappis, I just fold it, stick it in the Wonder Wrap (best covers ever, so sad they’re gone) and poof, done. Also, pocket diapers for sitters are as good as AIOs if they’re prestuffed. Great list, I loved it!

  • Abigail

    just made a purchase for Dimpleskins Bum Balm. My son is having an on going rash. Hopefully, this is the key to get rid of it. I like that it has coconut oil. I’ve heard good things about coconut oil. thanks!

  • Melanyannh

    Yes, I’d also love to know how you converted your Diaper Dekor.  I’m trying to decide on a diaper pail now and this one is in the running!  Thanks!

  • Danielle D

    This is such a great and helpful list! It is one that I have went back to several times whiles introducing others to cloth, and I still think it is a great, simple list!