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Are you just starting out on your cloth diaper journey? For easy browsing of the archives I have linked to my most helpful cloth diaper posts and guides.  If you are just starting your research have a look at this brief overview of what a modern cloth diaper looks like. Then you will find almost everything you need to know about cloth diapers linked on this page.  Last updated 3/15.





I’ve taken data from 230+ cloth diapers and created a database like no other.  Use search filters and “create” the perfect cloth diaper based on your preferences.  One Size+Snaps+Pocket+Stay Dry= List of diapers with those attributes.  You can now also add your own reviews and browse others with the visual size scale.  Try it now!




200+ Video Cloth Diaper Reviews

Want to know exactly what a cloth diaper looks like and how it functions?  Stop reading endless reviews and start watching videos!  This page has an image of each diaper I have reviewed.  If you’d like to see that video and review click the diaper to be taken to a new page.
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Introduction to Cloth Diaper Series

You’ll find each style of cloth diaper listed below. Follow the links to see video demonstrations and articles detailing how each system works, their pros/cons, and more.

Intro to All-in-One’s

Intro to All-in-Two’s

Intro to Pockets

Intro to Fitteds

Intro to Prefolds

Intro to Flats

Intro to Reusable Cloth Trainers

Intro to Reusable Swim Diapers


What’s the Easiest Cloth Diaper to Use Compared to a Disposable?  {Chart}

A look at each style of diaper on the market and how they compare in putting on/taking off to a disposable diaper.

Cloth Diaper Terms and Definitions

This is the ULTIMATE page to learn all about the many features, terms, materials, size options, and more.  Descriptions and photos provided.  MUST BOOKMARK.

How to Prep Cloth Diapers: Your Questions Answered

How to Prep Cloth Diapers: Your Questions Answered

Brand new diapers need to be “prepped” before being used for the first time. I’ve answered all of your prepping questions.

How to Tell When to Change a Cloth Diaper

Sometimes it isn’t as obvious as disposable diapers.  Various techniques and my #1 cloth diapering rule.

Cloth Diapering Overnight- Myth vs. Truth

Using cloth diapers overnight might be intimidating at first, but it most families can figure it out.  I love natural fiber fitteds for overnight.  See why and what other advice I have in the original post.

Don’t Be Afraid of the Cloth Diaper Monster

Conquer your fears over using cloth diapers!  It can be a scary though but it is also going to be one of the best decisions you make for your family and baby.  Let this post reassure you!

My Top Picks for Most Comfortable Cloth Diapers

Ever wonder which diapers are the most comfortable for your baby?  I have, so I listed which ones seem to be on my babies.


One-Size Diaper Fit- How it Fits Birth to Potty {With Visual Guide}

A look at how One Size diapers manage to fit babies up to toddlers and a guide to how they should fit with visuals.


Cloth Diapering a Newborn- The Basics

This post and VIDEO is the most comprehensive yet on cloth diapering a newborn.  Each style is shown in the video, along with graphics showing the pros/cons of each type of newborn diaper.  MUST watch, read, and PIN for later.

Cloth Diapering a Newborn Without Breaking the Bank

There is a way to start cloth diapering from day 1 while still saving money. Instead of buying a brand new set of diapers for your newborn explore other options such as renting, diaper services, and buying used.

One Size Cloth Diapers on a Newborn: Video and Comparison Chart

I put some of the leading one size cloth diapers to the test on my newborn.  Find bumGenius, Happy Heiny’s Fuzzibunz, Softbums, and more.

Newborn Cloth Diapers: Video and Comparison Chart

I talk out some of my favorite and least favorite features of the newborn diapers I reviewed.  I also chart when they started fitting, stopped fitting, how absorbent they were, etc.

Newborn Cloth Diapers Compared to their One Size Counterparts

I took many of the most popular cloth diapers and compared their newborn or XS version to their One Size Counterparts.  This is a video comparison in 2 parts.

Cloth Diapering Options for a Newborn

I go over the different options you can use for newborns.  One Size, XS, Duo or dual sized diapers, prefolds and covers, and so on.  My (old, 2010) baby is the model for this video.


Diaper Pails Versus Hanging Wet Bags: Pros and Cons

This article explores the different varieties of Diaper Pails and Wet Bags, as well as alternate methods of storing dirty cloth diapers until wash day.

Storing Dirty Diapers- Wet Bags or Diaper Pails? {Video}

A newer video showing the many options for storing dirty diapers between wash days, with several popular brands of wet bags and pails shown.

Snappi or Boingo? {Video}

Should you go with the Snappi or Boingos as a modern alternative to the diaper pin?  They both work great, and shine best in different scenarios.  Watch the video to learn more about each!

Is all PUL (Polyurethane Laminate) Created Equal?

If you have ever wondered if every pocket diaper or cover has the same type of waterproof liner, this article explains the different varieties of PUL as well as the different production methods.  There are slight differences, which explains why some diapers delaminate faster than others.


What to do with the Poop…

A handy guide of how to deal with the many phases and stages of baby poop. From meconium (the first tar poops) to peanut butter to solid.

Poop Avoidance Devices {Video}

What accessories should you or could you be using to take care of that poop?  Watch the video to find out!

Cloth Diapers: The Poop-Splosion Solution

We have all heard those horror stories of poop explosions going up the back on newborns, creating quite the mess.  Well, cloth diapers don’t have that problem.  No, really.  It is true.

My Favorite (and least favorite) Cloth Diapers to Spray with a Diaper Sprayer

My original title was “That is a lovely diaper……. for me to poop on!”  There are some diapers that are easier to spray out than others.  I give you the low down on which are easiest and which are a pain in my rear!


Ammonia- Causes, Treatment, and Prevention

Ammonia is a beast but there is a way to help.

Troubleshooting Cloth Diaper Leaks

When you have leaks from the legs, back, stomach, etc, use this to help troubleshoot and diagnose what could be the potential cause.


How to make your cloth wipes “Pop-Up” {Video}

A simple tutorial to fold your cloth wipes so that they “pop” up like disposable wipes from an old wipes container.  Super easy!

Cloth Wipes, Solutions, and Cloth Safe Diaper Balms {Video}

This video shows you the many options for cloth wipes, wipe solutions, and

Washing and Dry Diapers- Drying Racks and Detergents {Video}

A video showing options for cloth diaper detergents and drying racks.


My Diapers Are Stained, Are They Clean?  YES.

If your diapers are stained, does it mean they are dirty?  Diapers will get stained, so learn why, how you can treat stains, and if there is a way to prevent them.

Much Ado About Stains

Various prevention and treatment methods for cloth diaper stains are discussed in this article.

How to get your husband to use cloth diapers

Most men are hesitant to begin cloth diapering. Here are some tips on what might get them on board with you. It worked for my hubby!

How to lanolize your wool

Have you wanted to know how people wash their wool? Here is a video to help.

Wool?  Seriously?

What is wool and why should you use it?


Wool Dryer Balls- Do They Work?  {Video}

Do wool dryer balls really reduce the time it takes to dry diapers, reduce static, and soften?  And… how?  What about the noise, are they loud?  This video unscientifically answers all of those questions!

How to clean your Bum Genius Tabs

At some point, your bumGenius 3.0 tabs will get full of gunk. Use a snappi or baby comb to clean them. Here is a video to help.

Cloth Diaper Must Haves- My Top Picks

What do you need to make cloth diapering easy and fun?  I made a list of my favorite things!

Cloth Training Pants Round-up

A collection of many of the most popular cloth training pants on the market, both WAHM made and big brands.

Reusable Swim Diaper Round-up

A list of many of the brands of reusable swim diapers available.


Shop Local for Cloth Diapers

Why shopping local (when you can)  means a better experience for you and why it is important to the cloth diaper economy and future.

Cloth Diaper Stores with FREE SHIPPING

A comprehensive list of cloth diaper stores that offer free shipping inthe US with no minimum (in case you don’t have a local store).

Using a Cloth Diaper Service-Yes, They Do Still Exist!

What exactly is a cloth diaper service and how much do they cost? Learn about this alternative way to use cloth diapers without having to buy a stash or wash your own diapers.


I Want to Cloth Diaper But…..

If you or someone you know has a long list of “buts” about cloth diapering, this is a rebuttal to them all!

Be a Better Cloth Diaper Advocate

If you want to help the cloth diaper movement start by reading these tips for how to be a better advocate.




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