Cloth Diaper Info Cards {Free Download}


If you’ve ever considered teaching a class locally about cloth diapering or you are currently teaching one, this post may be of help!  For an event I attended recently I made up some handy cards, one for each type of cloth diaper, that could be handed out with that diaper so each person could see and touch it while getting information about that style.

I left the printed cards at home (of course I did) so I didn’t get the chance to use them, but so many people wanted to know where to get them after posting an image to Instagram that I knew posting them to the blog would be a good idea! Each card has the type of diaper and the pros/cons of each. At the bottom of the post are links to download, there are 2 sheets to print with 3 cards on each. You’ll have to chop the paper to get the three cards and should print them on card stock for best results.

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Click the sheets above for a printer friendly version. Each image click will begin the download. You will want to print these on cardstock paper and cut on the lines.
Download Cloth Diaper Info Card 1 Download Cloth Diaper Info Card 2

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  • Megan Joy Colussy

    These are excellent! Thank you so much for sharing these with us… Great, quality work!! 🙂 🙂 Cloth Diapering has the best community ever! <3

  • Veronica

    Great info!

  • Krysy Winden

    These are very helpful!

  • Jersey WAHM

    these are great – I am going to share this blog with some friends that have or should consider cloth. wish i’d had something like this when showing all of the styles to my husband!

  • Ivana R.

    Great Info!

  • Morgan Bolden

    This is a great resource for those moms who are overwhelmed by the different cloth diapering options.

  • Kathleen Rose Littlepage

    I recently went to MommyconSF, an expo on natural parenting, and of course I brought my husband along with me so he too would jump on that band wagon. And it was awesome. I wish they did have cards and printed info like this because no matter how many times I look up cloth diaper info I feel like I always need a tangible resource to keep on me. For my baby shower I asked people to enter a gift card raffle instead of a disposable diaper raffle explaining that we were trying to be Eco/ money conscious:) We even had our local baby boutique set up a table so that they could provide valuable information with their “cloth diaper 101” mini classes. It was awesome because we were met with a lot of skeptism and criticism when we told our family and friends that we decided to go the cloth route. I think people just assumed we’re were just trying to be modern and hip parents but it’s not that, I just want my daughter to inherit a clean earth and to have soft and safe material on her bum should she need a bathroom release! And hey, should this save me tons of money, money that can go towards her college education or books or educational experiences, THEN THANK YOU!!!! I printed your cards from this post! Thank you! Btw, we’re going with the GroVia hybrids… We received one from our baby shower after my friend took the “cloth diaper 101” class. We love it! We’re just saving for the live package. The baby is due tomorrow on Easter Sunday so… Hopefully we can pick our package soon!

    • kimrosas

      Best of luck with your newest addition!

      Please excuse typos and brevity. Sent from my iPhone

      • Kathleen Rose Littlepage

        Teeheehee! Thank you! As I’m doing squats and googling natural labor inducing methods hahaha

  • Kate C

    I love these. I didn’t have as much in person help with cloth when I started, but now I have a huge community around me and friends that are actually turning to me with questions. The lingo is a lot to absorb at once, so these are so smart!

  • Emily Bertram

    THank YOU so much!!! I love this visual. It has been a huge help to show interested mommas. It has one of my biggest issues trying to explain the different types of diapers. -Emily Bertram

  • Kerri Bailey

    This is such a great reference! I’m just getting started in the cloth diaper world and sometimes have trouble keeping all the different types of diapers straight! Thanks a ton!

  • Bethany Myers

    This is a great tool. I’m a visual learner and wish I would have seen this a few months ago. I’ll be sharing this when people ask about cloth diapering. Thank you!

    • kimrosas

      Thank you for sharing! I’m glad you found it!

  • Kristal Dull

    This would be super helpful for families considering cloth, there are so many options I remember it took me months while I was pregnant to figure out which to use!

  • Carrie

    Thanks for making these up and offering them to your readers. They are very helpful.

  • Laetitia Knight

    We have a local group here in North Texas and I’m totally copying your link for all our newbies! GREAT GREAT resource!