Cloth Diaper Detergents- Tiny Bubbles

I have spent a lot of man hours since having my son trying to perfect my laundry routine.  Lord knows I have worked at the routine I have, which involves Tide and Dawn and lots and lots and lots of rinses.  I am a big fan of The Natural Baby Co, which many of you know if you read my blog!  They recently came out with a detergent meant for cloth diapers.  What this means, I hope, is a fool proof way to wash diapers.

Tiny Bubbles is the name, which I love, and it has been designed to work with Top Loader and Front Loader machines.  The reviews so far are amazing!  I can’t wait to get my hands on some and give it a try.  I know there are a few other companies coming up with their own cloth diaper detergent as well.  About time!  Here are some specs about Tiny Bubbles:

* Dye & Fragrance Free
* Completely Biodegradable
* Completely Phosphate-Free
* No Optical Brighteners or Fillers
* Gentle for Sensitive Skin
* Low Residue Formula
* Ultra-Concentrated
* Low Cost-Per-Wash
* Recyclable

If you want to get your own, clicky here!

Have any of you tried it yet?  Let me know what you think!  I am torn between two new cloth diaper detergents, help me decide!

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