Cloth Diaper Carnival VI- Get Cloth Diapers Featured on The Ellen Show

ellencarnival I am a little late on this (last) month’s carnival.  The topic this go ’round is: Get Cloth Diapers Featured on The Ellen Show.  Write your post, link it here, and tweet a link to @TheEllenShow with #operationfluffy #clothdiapers tags.

Ex: “@TheEllenShow  Why I want to see #clothdiapers on your show.  #operationfluffy”

How the heck do we do that?  We already dropped the Fluffy Bomb on her Twitter account last night.  We tweeted to her hundreds of times.

That is Phase 1, which continues as long as it takes.  We can’t lose steam on this.  We will reconvene next week, but not during the #clothdiapers chat.  While it was the best way to get the word out, I don’t want to take it over again.  I truly appreciate everyone’s passion and zeal last night.  ALL who particiapted made me so proud to be a cloth diapering mama!  Anyone have a time/ day suggestion for the next #operationfluffy?

The next step of Phase 1 involves taking over social media to bombard Ellen.  All blogs, big or small, will write a post about Why Cloth DIapers should be featured on Ellen.  That is my post today.

Phase 2 Will be a video of babies dancing in cloth diapers.  Email me a 20 second or less clip of your baby dancing in just a cloth diaper, to dirty diaper laundry at gmail dot com or kdrosas at gmail dot com using

Phase 3 Has just been determined.  I am having a diaper made with Ellen on it, in some way.  Ideally, the “laugh dance conquer” flag.  We will mail the diaper around, take videos with it on the babies, take photos of the babies wearing it in front of a landmark or town name, to help Ellen Conquer The World. 

Now for my reasons why Ellen should have cloth diapers on her show, in a letter to Ellen.

Dear Ellen,

My purpose writing you this pretend letter on my blog is to kindly ask if you would feature the Modern Cloth Diaper on your show.  Maybe it isn’t really your type of thing.  It isn’t.  You interview celebs, play games, have performers come on, and have some human interest stories.  This is very much in the interest of all humans! 

I could bore you with facts about the waste produced by disposable diapers, the chemicals they contain (same chemicals outlawed in tampons), the raw resources involved to make the diapers, and even the fishy tactics used by the big disposable companies to keep parents buying them. 

Without mass media exposure, something the mom run diaper businesses simply cannot afford, we can’t really let the moms of the world know that there is a better way.  Mention cloth diapers to a room with 100 new moms, and maybe 10 would have heard of the Modern Cloth Diaper.  The rest would think of pins, rubber pants, and stinky wet pails.  The internet is full of niche cloth diaper communities, but we are preaching to the choir!  They already know the benefits of cloth.  The mom who watches your show every day doesn’t.  She might recylce, buy organic food, compost, and drive a hybrid, and still use disposables.  Why?  Because she has no idea how easy they are.  I have actually met people who are very green, and still use disposables for that reason! 

The Twitter ladies came up with fantastic ideas to make this a fun show.  Here are some of the best.

  • Have a Cloth Diaper Fashion Show
  • Play a game where contestants try to put on an “old school” cloth diaper the fastest.
  • A medley of babies dancing to a version of “Poker-Face” but “Fluffy Butt”
  • Have Sumo Wrestling in Giant Cloth Diapers
  • Something to do with poop, because poop is always funny

Please, I can’t find the tweets, I just remembered them.  Claim your idea and I will edit to give you credit!

Ellen, we are just going to pester you until we see cloth diapers on your show.  We picked you for a reason.  That reason is two fold: You respond to fans who bug you and  I have a girl crush on you you have a very relevant audience. 

 Look who else wants to see cloth diapers on your show.

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  • Great ideas!!

    One or two other ideas I had that would be silly.

    1. Have a baby Olympics crawling race with a cloth diaper on.
    2. Have a race of moms, or better yet dads, packing a diaper bag with as many cloth diapers as possible in the shortest time!

    SoftBums will gladly supply diapers to use in the races!

    I’ll try to come up with other ideas too 🙂


  • Ha! That is so funny…. I had just tweeted Ellen Sunday to ask her if i could go on her show…. but where are all the other CD bloggers?? Come on ladies!!
    .-= Cinella´s last blog ..Green Tip Tuesday – Join Earth Hour =-.

  • Is someone tweeting these posts to the Ellen show? I don’t use twitter, just facebook, I thought that was the plan, just checking! If someone could tweet mine, that would be great!
    .-= Jill´s last blog ..Cloth Diaper Carnival: Laugh, Dance, Cloth Diaper =-.

  • @Jill I am tweeting it to her! Thanks for spreading the word!

  • Laurenbixler

    Maybe someone could contact the celebrity moms that use cloth diapers and they could be guests on the same show. I know there are at least a half dozen big celebs that have talked about using them…..

  • I’ve been tweeting pics and now I’m working on my post. Shot some video earlier, but didn’t get much. It’s hard to get them to dance on command! 🙂

    I hope Ellen responds!!
    .-= Chanda @ Eco-Cheap Mom´s last blog ..EcoSmart Organic Pesticide Products – A green giveaway! =-.

  • I can’t get the MckLinky to work on my blog. Let me know and I can change the code. Thanks!