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Cheeky Bunz

Can you believe it is July already? This year is just flying by, I feel like I need to start my Christmas shopping soon. Harper is growing up so fast, and though she’s never shown interest in crawling, she loves walking while holding our hands for balance. Yesterday we purchased a walker for her to play with; I’m excited for her to try it out. Before I know it she’ll be running, right?


Today I’m reviewing an all in two from a WAHM called Cheeky Bunz. There are lots of cute prints available and you can choose a serged or turned version. They are available in sized or one size options. I’ll be reviewing a serged one-size.

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The nice thing about an all in two is the option to reuse the cover even after the insert is soiled. It allows you to stretch your laundry out a bit and leaves more room in your diaper bag. This cover is made with PUL and a bamboo fleece inner, and the insert is two layers of Zorb II. Harper is still on a mostly breast milk diet, and I found that while the bamboo fleece is very soft and probably quite comfortable for her, I was not able to reuse the cover if she soiled her diaper. It would inevitably travel to the fleece and require a wash. It is possible to use your own inserts/prefolds/flats with this cover, and if I’d used a prefold or flat that provided better coverage I may have been able to reuse the cover. I do love the absorbency of the insert, the thick quilted material feels very soft and plush, and I was able to go several hours between changes.

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A one size diaper like this one is listed at $23.00 on the Cheeky Bunz site. This seems about average for an all-in-two with an insert. The sized options are slightly cheaper, but I love the longevity of a one-size. I will mention I noticed the stitching on the serged edges of this diaper was a little rough. There are actually spots where the stitches have fallen apart completely and the material is fraying, and I wonder how many washings this particular diaper will last through. Of course, with any wahm you can expect that each diaper is a work of art and none will be exactly like the others, so it’s possible this particular diaper is unique and the rest of her diapers may be perfect, but as an honest reviewer I felt compelled to mention it.


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We haven’t had any leaks in this cover, nor have I noticed any wicking. The insert is extremely absorbent without being too bulky, and I feel like the waffle texture probably helps keep wetness away from Harper’s skin.

[typography font=”Crafty Girls” size=”24″ size_format=”px”]Fit ✩✩✩[/typography]

The cover fit nicely, with a single row of snaps to adjust and a three step rise. I did have some issues with the set in liner shifting, it seemed I was constantly struggling with getting it to lay still. The owner explains she doesn’t use snaps so the diaper and insert can be used with other systems. She suggests tucking the insert just under the elastic in the back. I attempted this and still found it sliding out by the time the diaper was in place, but at that point it’s easy enough to just fold and tuck whatever is sticking out. This slight annoyance would probably not be an issue for a larger/older baby as the insert wouldn’t have as much excess.

[typography font=”Crafty Girls” size=”24″ size_format=”px”]Overall:[/typography]

Cheeky Bunz has some really cute prints and I love how absorbent their inserts are. I can’t say they are my favorite all-in-twos, the rough stitches bother me on an aesthetic level as well as in terms of durability. Again, it’s possible the diaper I tested was an anomaly. This WAHM has a great eye for color and chooses excellent fabrics both inside and out, I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on her to see what she does over time.

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