DIY Cheap and Easy T-Shirt Flats- Make Two for .50!

DIY Cheap and Easy t-shirt flats

When it comes to cheap diapers you can’t get any cheaper than making your own no-sew t-shirt cloth diapers. I’ve seen other t-shirt diapers but, being a lover of flats, I really loved the idea of cutting a shirt down to make flats! And the best part?! You can make 2 entire diapers from one shirt which means you could spend as little as .50 for two diapers. I bought several t-shirts from my local thrift shop on their 50% off day making each shirt’s $1.00 price only .50!  Whoa!

You will need:

1 XXL or larger 100% Cotton T-shirt. (Must be all cotton, blends won’t be as absorbent.)

The tutorial video will explain the best fold for this type of diaper (other than the pad fold which would be great too!) since it is pretty darn easy to figure out how to cut it. I left the cutting video out; it was just too boring and I didn’t want to insult anyone’s intelligence!

Imagine this: You could have an entire stash of 24 diapers for $12.00 with this method!

Or even less if you can score some shirts for cheaper or free! You will need waterproof covers to use over these diapers and a snappi (or pins). These can be purchased relatively cheaply online through Amazon or a cloth diaper store. Some baby stores do carry covers and other cloth diapers. To learn more about buying cloth diaper supplies locally you can read my post- Find Cloth Diapers Locally. If you are really handy you can DIY your own fleece or wool covers to lessen the cost using old sweaters or inexpensive fleece.

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  • I love the hoe down music back ground!

    • kimrosas

      Haha! Me too!

  • Sabrina Slack

    T-shirt material doesn’t frey. No need to sew edges 🙂

    • kimrosas

      I’ve seen, depending on the shirt, the material slowly unravel. I still think it is a good idea to hem if you want them to last a long time. But still, they will work great even without hemming them.

  • Or you could use the sleeves for wipes!

  • cutting up a TWSS shirt so that someone can poop on it is sacrilege. I’m speechless! 😉 But I have stuffed my pockets with 100% cotton tshirt flats (not hemmed) and they work great in a pinch. I’ve also left the t-shirt totally whole and used it as a fitted. The sleeves make great wings.

  • Laura

    That is awesome!!!

  • I love this. THIS has made it possible for me to do your Flats and Handwashing Challenge this month! Whoot! I’m gonna do it!

    • kimrosas

      That is awesome! So glad you can join in!

  • Brooke B.

    What a great idea! I am so glad you posted this. Thanks!

  • How would one prep these to make them more absorbant? Washing without soap a bunch of times until the suds are all gone? Running the wash with vinegar? I want to try this, but I also want to make sure that, if I run the t-shirts with my other diapers, I don’t end up losing absorbency.

  • Bree

    I tried this today because I had been utopia about flats. Instead of buying a full stash of next Size we are going with flats! I’m so excited to eat away from cloth diaper obsession and into economical functionality! Thank you!

  • Mummy

    Just did this!! Ran out of cloth diapers and have no soap till my husband gets off work! Works great. Don’t have pins or snappys so I tied it. I imagine with a pin it would be perfect. This is so great every mom cloth or sposes should know this trick!! I remember being 16 when my sister had her first baby, we were broke kids and she sometime would run out of diapers we could have so used this. Hehe we just would wrap baby in a towel. Thank you! I will share this video with every mom I know!

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  • Stormy Reyes

    I’m putting a stash of t-shirts in the “break in case of emergency” box in the trunk RIGHT NOW!!!

  • Becca

    This is awesome! I’m going to try it without sewing, I don’t think knit fabric would fray much!

  • Amanda Van Baale

    Love this! We had a ton of extra t shirts laying around and I couldn’t think of a better way to reuse them!

  • Danielle

    I had to try this out, and they work great! 🙂 Not my first choice, but they have helped us in a pinch many times!