Charlie Banana 2-in-1 One Size Review

Charlie Banana One Size
Charlie Banana One Size

I have already reviewed the older version of the Charlie Banana 2-in-2 One Size cloth diaper.  Now, the sizing mechanism is new and improved.  Rather than using button hole elastic, the Charlie Banana now uses a sliding adjustment similar to that of a bra.  I LOVE this new update and it is probably the easiest of the elastic sizing cloth diapers out currently.

Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩ I’m going to say it, to date this is the easiest elastic sizing One Size diaper I have tried. The markings to designate size are easy to follow (no need to read what a 5 is) and the adjuster moves easily back and forth. There is no need to dig deep to find the elastic either. Stuffing the pocket isn’t too bad, there is a generous sized opening for 1 or two inserts. You can find disposable inserts for these diapers, making them a hybrid system if you are traveling. They are easy to lay in under the flat pocket flap.

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩ The Solid Colors run 20.88 and the Prints are 21.88. They are more than many other similar pockets available. I will say that they are made extremely well. The older versions of their diapers that I own are still functioning and looking great after a year of use.

Performance ✩✩✩✩ The inserts included with a Charlie Banana One Size cloth diaper are really thick (not too thick) and are absorbent enough alone for our use. I can use the Large insert with the diaper sized to the Medium and it fits and holds up well. I don’t have a heavy wetter, FYI. I didn’t use this diaper overnight because I don’t like pockets at night. I used fitteds and covers. Nothing personal, I just didn’t take a chance. We didn’t have a single leak with this diaper.

Fit ✩✩✩✩ I tried the larger of the Medium settings on my first try and it was exactly what I needed. Even if I had needed to make an adjustment it wouldn’t have been too difficult. The tabs meet in the middle, and there is a cross over snap if you need it. The diaper has good stretch whe nyou are putting it on the baby and I felt like I got a great fit every time. The hip snap is in a good spot, but since the male snaps are on the tabs if the wearer gets too large for those snaps farther back to be fastened they could touch the skin. I can’t say if this is an issue or not. The One Size doesn’t seem to get as big as their Sized Large diaper, but since many kids never wear a Large it might not be a problem for many parents. It sizes up pretty small, and I used the older OS on my newborn and it did work. The crotch is also narrower than many other brands.

Overall: I am over the moon excited about such a stupid smart sizing system. They hit this one out of the park! Charlie Banana One Size cloth diapers might make me a fan of elastic sizing one size diapers again. There are no snaps to be seen on the front which is nice. Their PUL feels nice to the touch, and sturdy. The fleece washes well in my experience. I’m thrilled that I was able to meet Gaelle and the Charlie Banana team; they were all incredibly nice and excited about their new product. The fact that they have been able to get Charlie Banana to many mainstream stores like Babies r Us is amazing. Some people argue that cloth shouldn’t be sold in bog box stores, but it creates awareness that small businesses just can’t match. Great diaper, great quality, cute colors and prints!

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  • Samantha Jenkins

    Ooo that elastic sizing does look way easy! Great Video too 😉

  • Silvervoyages

    Thanks for this review.  I’ve been wondering about Charlie Banana and have gone back and forth when looking at buying them several times!

  • Nikole H.

    I just received one of these diapers (in one of the cool new fashion prints) and I love the sizing as well.  I was telling some friends about the diaper the other day and someone wondered if the sizing system would eventually start slipping like bra straps sometimes do.  What do you think?  I’ve only had the chance to use the diaper a couple times and haven’t had issues yet, but then again, this kind of slippage doesn’t usually start happening right away. 

    • Anonymous

      I have to admit that I’ve never had that happen with a bra. Since the straps are normally smooth though, I wonder if the nature of elastic would prevent that?
      Please excuse typos and brevity. Sent from my iPhone

  • Jenny

    Have you had any issues with the elastic adjuster feeding back into the elastic casing in the legs?  I just bought the newer version of the Charlie Bananas and upon first washing, one of my diapers had the metal adjuster for the legs slide back into the leg casing.  I am not sure if it really affects the sizing, however.  

    • Anonymous

      That fleece scrap is designed to prevent that from happening. Having that in the casing will prevent you from sizing. If you can’t retrieve it I would get in touch with customer service.
      Please excuse typos and brevity. Sent from my iPhone

      • Jenny

        Thanks.  That fleece scrap was sucked into the casing on both legs of just one diaper.  I can pull the “adjuster” (for lack of a better term) out of the casing, so I hope it will not be a problem.  

        Also, I have been watching many of your videos and really appreciate seeing how you put the diapers on your son.  I am trying to find the perfect fit for my daughter as this is my first child and I have never used cloth before.  I am using both Fuzzibunz and Charlie Banana.  I had a couple of questions regarding fit.  Both are one size diapers that I use, but I have been struggling with figuring out what is an appropriate adjustment for the legs.  I have had some very, very mild leg leaks with the Charlie Banana and also have had a twice just recently that a messy poo wraps around the inside of the diaper and comes out the “wing droop” portion of the leg hole. Do you have any advice as to how I should adjust my diaper to prevent this from happening?  Do I have a problem with my hip snap setting, waist setting or elastic leg setting?  

        Secondly, do you recommend letting the fleece in the Fuzzibunz hang our the back or tucked and folded under the insert?  My daughter gets red marks on her back because I tuck them, but I am afraid of it leaking at night if I let the fleece lay against her skin and the back waist band.

        Thanks you so much for your help!

      • Anonymous

        If the inserts are not 100% saturated when you change the diapers that have ben leaking fmor the legs I would try snapping the hip snap one tighter unless it looks TOO tight, which you will notice.

        For the Fuzzibunz you should let the fleece roll out. Since fleece isn’t absorbent there is very little risk of this causing a leak unless your baby is asleep on his back and there are repelling issues. Not leaving it out can actually cause leaks. And since the elastic is polyester it is more comfortable with it out.

        I hope that helps!

      • Mcm710

        I had the same problem straight out of the box.  I just emailed them.  I hope they get back to me…I don’t know how to call Hong Kong….

      • Jeneweber

        Mcm710, did they ever get back to you about your fleece scrap sucking into the leg casing?

      • Mcm710

        Sorry about the delay…I had my baby girl!  So, no they never responded to my email.  What kind of business doesn’t have a 1-800 number?  I just opened two six packs of diapers and half of them have that problem.  I don’t want to wash them to use them until I figure this out.  I mean, they still size, but they don’t go as small without the silly little scrap.  Totally bummed.  I was so psyched for these…I don’t know what to do…

  • Lily

    Hello, I have been using Charlie Banana One Size with mixed results for a couple of months  now. Sometimes Orson (now 5 months) is leak free for 2-3 hours and more frequently there is a outside leg leak within half an hour. I think I am doing something wrong with the sizing or how I put them on him, as I use CB insert with a bamboo or hemp insert which are absorbing well. But I have tried sizing them small, medium and large and I have had inconsistent results.
    I have emailed Charlie Banana for advice (2 weeks ago) but no reply.
    Any advice welcomed before I throw in the towel.

    • b palkow

      Im having the same issue. I know your post is from 2 years ago but did you ever get a reply?