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líllébaby® COMPLETE™ Airflow Review+ Giveaway

Two weeks ago my family and I were so lucky to be given passes to enjoy Disney World with our daughter. Matt and I are HUGE Disney fans. We announced our pregnancy by attending the park while wearing a shirt I made that said “Future Mouseketeer” in the classic Disney font with a tiny mouse […]

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New Carriers from Onya, Boba, Beco, and ErgoBaby! {Video}

This is my final post about my recent trip to the ABC Kids Expo 2013- I promise! Along with taking video footage of new cloth diapers I turned the camera on at a few baby carrier booths as well. I didn’t have time to visit every booth, but Baby Dickey has a great post showing […]

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Babywearing Basics

Babywearing Basics from BWI Educator Babywearing Faith

If you’re here at DDL, you’ve probably heard of babywearing before. Humans have been using fabric to carry their babies since the beginning of time, but the word babywearing was invented by the father of attachment parenting himself, Dr. William Sears. Babywearing is one of Sears’s “baby B’s” – the tools he recommends to create […]

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Beachfront Water Wrap Review and Giveaway {6/20}

This review is courtesy of DDL contributor Katrina- an experienced babywearer and mom to three under 5.  She is the perfect person for this review since she lives in sunny Florida and enjoys lots of waterpark and pool fun with her kids each summer.  Stay tuned for the giveaway at the end of the post […]

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Boba Wrap Prints! Review and Giveaway

 It is no secret how much I love Boba products.  I’ve been using their carriers since the first ever Boba 1g was released, then the 2g, then the 3g, and then of course the Boba Air, which is still currently my go-to carrier.  What I never did get to use was their wrap, formerly known […]

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Introducing the new BobaAir!

Introducing the new BobaAir!

Last week a little birdie emailed me about something exciting, brand new, and game changing!  It was information on the new BobaAir.  I have a video introduction and demonstration for you.  Please be aware that I’m normally not in evening wear while babywearing- I had just gotten home from my 5 Year Anniversary date! The […]

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The Loneliest Baby Carrier

After attending a BWI (Babywearing International Meeting) and seeing a beautiful and comfortable Wrap Conversion (a wrap-long piece of woven fabric- cut and sewn together to make a Mei Tai) I knew I had to have one.  It seemed like it would solve some problems with comfort for longer time periods.  If you get a […]

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Onya Baby Carrier Review

Because every other blog that has reviewed the new Onya Carrier has already come up with a clever way to incorporate the brand name into a funny title I decided to keep it simple.  Considering every time I hear the name I then say “All up on-ya” in a male, sexy, deep voice I know […]

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Will Hollywood Ever Portray Babywearing Correctly?

*Bang* That is the sound of me shooting my TV Screen at yet another show that has incorrectly, and dangerously, portrayed a baby being worn in a carrier. You might be thinking, “Who Cares?  The actor is just wearing a creepy doll, no babies were harmed in the making of that film.” Hollywood makes money […]

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Babywearing a Newborn: ERGObaby Compared to Beco Butterfly II

Trying to choose between the three most popular and well known brands of Soft Structure Carriers (also known as Buckle Carriers) on the market? As I see it, the ERGOBaby, the Beco Butterfly II, and the Boba are the most compared and inquired about SSC’s on the market today.  Since I have used all three with both of […]

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Bummis Duo-Brite, Little Tunas, Opulent Monsters