Bummis All In One Diaper Review

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I hope everyone had a lovely Easter weekend. We enjoyed spending the holiday with family, talking and catching up on the latest news. Sometimes life gets so hectic we don’t visit each other like we should, I’m glad celebrations give us a reason to hit pause and get together. We visited my husband’s parents on Saturday since his dad had to work on Sunday morning, and Autumn impressed us all with her egg hunting skills. Harper loved coloring the eggs and choosing which dye cup to put them in, and they loved getting to chase their cousin around with bunny ears on. On Sunday we went to my brother’s house, he always has a big get together with the whole family as well as some special friends who may as well be family. The egg hunt in his garden is a blast, but I like his special gourmet Easter Egg pancakes best. This year he did bright green for mint, blue for raspberry, yellow for banana, red for strawberry, and purple for Madagascar vanilla. What are your favorite Easter traditions?

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This week I’m thrilled to share the new Bummis All In One style diaper with you. We all know I’ve been a fangirl for Bummis since my firstborn’s first cloth diapers, their Whisper Wraps rocked my world. I use the Duo-Brite AI2 and the Simply Lite diaper cover on a regular basis, loving how dependable the construction and fit are. When I got my hands on this all in one style diaper, you can bet I was excited.

Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩ All in ones are generally considered the easiest diaper since they require the least amount of guesswork, even if you have never even seen a cloth diaper. The tongue style and lining on this diaper are a little different, they offer an innovative option to choose whether the soft natural fibers lay against baby’s skin (by tucking the tongue style insert inside the pocket-like-sleeve) or the stay-dry material (by laying the insert across, and not tucking it in). If you are sending this diaper along with a grandparent or caregiver, they should be able to figure out what to do without any additional explanation, but I ended up tucking the insert in just to ensure my mother in law wouldn’t call me during my night class pretending not to understand. Autumn is at an age where she lets me know when she needs a diaper, so having the nice organic cotton against her skin works well for us anyway, she recognizes when she’s ready for a change and I don’t need to worry about the clock knowing she will remind me.

Bummis AIO Details

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩ Retailing at $27.95, Bummis seems to have found a nice middle ground for pricing, compared to their all in one counterparts, and I think the clever dual inserts probably help to keep costs down while giving us the best of both worlds in regards to absorbency and comfort. I also love that Bummis recognizes the importance of sourcing locally whenever possible, and they are made sustainably and affordably in North America.

Performance ✩✩✩✩✩ Bummis comes ready to go thanks to the ultra absorbent material, and after a few washes the organic cotton shrinks and tightens up just a bit, which forms a sort of natural gusset to help keep messes in and clothes clean. This adorable diaper has become my go-to lately for errands since I know I can depend on it not to leak, and I’ve even used it overnight by tucking an additional insert within the sleeve of the diaper.

Fit ✩✩✩✩✩ Sized as an all in one, this diaper is suggested for weight ranges of 8-35 lbs, and with soft stretchy elastic and surprisingly strong snaps, I consider this one especially comfortable for my curious 1 ½ year old. She can remove some of her diapers on her own, but this one stays put. I don’t know if it’s because the snaps are too strong for her, or if it’s because she is comfortable and doesn’t want to take it off, but I know it works.

Overall: Bummis has delighted us with a wonderful all in one option that is well made, stylish, and easy to use. I’m in love with their designs, I can’t decide which I like best, the fairy tale design Autumn is wearing, the vinyl records design Kim shows off in the video review (I collect records, too!) or the circus print (the nursery is circus inspired, down to every detail, I’m a bit obsessed). And that’s just three of their whimsical and bright prints and colors. I recommend this diaper for folks looking to start a stash of easy, hassle free, long lasting diapers. They’ll be able to choose between the organic cotton or the stay dry against baby’s skin to see what works best in their family, so they can feel confident stocking up. This is also a great individual gift with all the fun designs, and I love that it can transition so easily for heavy wetters or overnight with the addition of a booster tucked neatly inside. It washes and dries quickly and easily, and isn’t prone to hard water issues the way some of my other organic all in ones have been (probably because of the open ended design and the way the material is “dimpled”). I’m very happy with the all in one, and I think you will be, too!

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