bumGenius Freetime All-in-One Review

bumGenius Freetime AIO
bumGenius Freetime AIO

When bumGenius announced they would be discontinuing their Deluxe All-in-One with the exception of their XS (now called Newborn), we knew there had to be a replacement in the works. That came a few months ago with the announcement of the Freetime- the new All-in-One that is also a One Size diaper. It features a Suedecloth lining, the same 3×3 One Step Rise adjustment as the bumGenius 4.0 and bumGenius Elemental, and Microfiber soakers that are semi-attached at each end. The new design means less stink issues since the soakers can get cleaner. It is also a more affordable One Size All-in-One option than the Elemental, their Organic One Size cloth diaper.  Please note that I will be updating this review if using it longer changes things. 
Ease of Use ✩✩✩ The Freetime is “all-in-one” in that there are no seperate pieces. However, there is some assembly required before putting it on a baby after it has been washed. The soakers won’t just magically fall into the proper position.  Many options can sometimes mean more complications. No, it isn’t hard- but you do have to decide how to lay your soakers every time you change the diaper, or at least when you fold it after washing. Changing the sizing on the diaper is VERY easy, and like the Elemental, I like this to use between two babies in diapers who might be in different sizes. It is a perfect diaper bag diaper! The hardest thing about the Freetime is if/when your baby does a number 2. I’m going to have to add this diaper to my “worst diapers to spray” list. No matter how you slice it, a soaker is going to try and flop out and into your toilet. If you think your baby is going to poop and you want to use this diaper- do yourself a favor and throw in a fleece or flushable liner- TRUST ME!
Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩ The Freetime is more expensive than its predecessor but that is because it is more complex and also One Size fits most. I’m pretty sure the creative geniuses at bumGenius took a lot of time and research to develop this diaper too. Just like all of my Cotton Babies products the Freetime is very well made. When you buy a BG product you also get the warranty and customer service behind it. You can now even live chat on their website with qualified and knowledgeable staff to troubleshoot your problems. Yes you can find cheaper AIO’s, but some people would rather pay more for these little things that really add up!
Performance ✩✩✩✩ I still need to use this diaper longer to really test the performance, and then update it in the future. I haven’t tested it overnight yet. For daytime we haven’t experienced any leaks at all. There are 5 layers of microfiber which is plenty for our needs and would probably even work for nights with my light wetter. My biggest fear is that, since there are basically 3 (or more if you fold the soakers) layers of suedecloth that this could slow down how fast liquid is absorbed, possible contributing to leaks. It might not do that AT ALL, and I need more time to know.
Fit ✩✩✩✩ What can I say? I LOVE the fit. It is pretty identical to the bumGenius 4.0 and we love those as well. I’m kinda a BG girl. They were my first “real” cloth diaper. Ev has plenty of room left on the waist and in the rise. The only thing I noticed was a bit of sag in the middle, maybe because of the weight of the soakers? It didn’t happen every time but I did check and the soakers were not wet when this happened so it wasn’t due to weight from that. I prefer the middle rise snap but I think switching to the largest might help.
Overall: I’m excited about the new addition to the bumGenius family. Now there is a stay dry option in the AIO/OS class. I do think I still prefer my bumGenius 4.0, but for those families who would rather not stuff diapers, the Freetime is a great new solution with the same great quality and fit as the 4.0.
Where to Buy I’d love it if you would support DDL by ordering through one of my affiliates! Kelly’s Closet, Diaper Junction, and Sweet Bottoms are all taking pre-orders for the Freetime and they should be getting them soon!

*I won the diaper from a Twitter chat from CottonBabies and of course had to review it.  

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  • mummytocharis

    Thanks for the review!!  I won a Freetime diaper and am so excited to try it out on my daughter.

  • Kate F.

    Thanks for the video review!  I have been super curious what they look like in action.

  • Jacqueline

    Great review, thank you. I can’t wait to get my hands on some!!

  • Thanks for letting me know about the spraying issue.  I was thinking it may be difficult to spray.  My husband specifically requested we just use diapers that are easier to spray so we may hold off on this one.  Thanks for the review!

  • Sherry W

    I am a huge fan of the AIO (Organics) Elementals. This seems like another great choice and I like how they chose not to sew down both ends of the soakers for better cleaning and it makes sense that it would dry faster.
    Thanks for the great review!

  • Love this review, I’ve been so excited to see what these look like and how the inserts work!! Thanks, as always. 🙂

  • I’ve placed these diapers on my registry, however, every site says that they are a preorder available in December.  Seeing as it is January, I’m confused.  My shower is February 4th.  Will my guests be able to order this diaper and have it arrive in time at their homes to bring to the shower?

    • Anonymous

      Some retailers are waiting on shipments still.

      Please excuse typos and brevity. Sent from my iPhone

  • I was thinking the poop spraying would be terrible until I saw this today:

    That simplifies it!!

  • kkseg3

    I am totally new to cloth diapers, but I definitely want to use them. I can decide between BG and FuzzyBunz Elite. Any advice? I like the idea of the super adjustability of the FB but I heard they have small crotches and leak. Anyone know if that’s true? Do the BG have any problems with leg elastic that isn’t adjustable? Is it gross pulling out stuffed pockets or is it no big deal? The whole AIO thing is alluring, but the flapping, flinging mess doesn’t sound the best. Where do you put doublers in pocket diapers? In the pocket or on top of the lining so it’s resting free? If I have an extra delicate setting on my dryer, can I dry diapers that say line dry? Please help! I have so many questions.

  • KristineLove

    I have both these and the BG Organic. We don’t have a sprayer bc of having low flush toilets so we have to dunk and scrape. I find that these are actually easier to clean up. I do though make sure that the back layer is always on top as this makes it easier to clean up the poops. The video featured below is extremely helpful. While they don’t go on as quickly as the organic version (which I still have to put a little fold in at the back for my 2 month old), these really only take an extra second of thought. Even my husband…mom…dad…and cousin who babysits can do this.