bumGenius Freetime Giveaway (3) Sponsored by Diaper Junction {10/7}


No- I have NOT had a chance to try these diapers yet (before you ask.)  Funny enough, everyone thinks I am in on the ground floor of every breaking cloth diapers release. {I wish!}  bumGenius kept the announcement of the Freetime- their newest One Size All in One with a stay dry lining, and Microfiber Soakers that overlay like petals- completely underground.  I didn’t see it coming!

This diaper has a lot of expectations riding on it, including mine.  I am a lucky duck and get to see them in person when I attend ABC Kids Expo, but they won’t be shipping out until December.

Many retailers, including Diaper Junction, already have pre-orders available!  You can pre-order the bumGenius FreeTime diapers in the standard bumGenius colors as well as the three new additions- Sassy (red), Mirror (teal), and Dazzle (purple) and the new new prints Albert and Lovelace.  The Freetime retails for 19.95 (solid colors) but the new prints will run you 21.95.

bumGenius Freetime Features:







I am beyond excited to try these out, and just a tad jealous of the winner of this Giveaway!

You can enter to win (3) bumGenius Freetime cloth diapers from Diaper Junction.  Winner will choose Boy, Girl, or Gender Neutral for color choices.  Use the form below {you must have javascript enabled}  The diapers will ship to the winner in December once they are in stock at Diaper Junction.

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  • Laura

    I am most excited for the mirror…it is just so darn pretty and would work for a boy or a girl!  I am excited about the freetime because A. I love my bG’s!  B.  I love the fit of bG’s  and C. it is just a neat design and I can’t wait to try it out!!!

  • Krystle

    I love the Sassy, I can see it now on my newborn daughters little bum!

  • Angela Johnston

    I have a boy but would love a dazzle diaper. I wanted a purple diaper with my first girl and never got one. I really like the new bumgenius style too. I am not a fan of pockets so have always shyed away but now I am very curious to try.

  • Courtneystrauss1121

    I think my favorite color is the new Mirror (Teal) color. I am excited to try these new diapers because I haven’t used a pocket style diaper before and I am curious about the adjustable absorbancy.

  • Tori_bigfoot

    I am so excited to try this new diaper, I am just starting out and do not have many CDs. This looks like it will be a great diaper for my DH to use as well. Counting down to Dec so I can buy some!

  • I am new to cloth diapering. I’m aleady addicted! I am excited to try this diaper because I have been thinking of trying Bumgenius but have been hesitant since I bought a used one that has been nothing but problems.

  • nicole delaney

    I would love to try these before I buy a bunch!!!! I would like white, because it goes with everything 🙂

  • Rachel Richardson

    I LOVE all the colors but my favorite color would have to be the one at the top of this page. The Teal colored one. I am due in April and both my husband and I want to go the cloth diaper route. But we are really poor and living with in-laws right now and don’t really have the money to afford a whole bunch of cloth diapers up front. So for us every little amount of cloth diapers from anywhere will be especially appreciated! I believe i have fallen in love with the all in one type of diapers and the pocket diapers, but do not own and and or have a baby yet to try them out on. They seem superior to the prefold and diaper cover systems. BumGenuis is a brand that i have been jealous of and have been wanting to get since i started researching cloth diapers a couple of months ago. I like the way they look and the construction of the diapers. The website is amazing! The adjustable absorbency seems like a marvelous idea that i have not seen anywhere else before! I would love to try some of the diapers that are the one size diapers that will go from about 7 to 35+ pounds that way you don’t have to buy 20+ diapers in each size! These seem like that would also be very simple for dads, babysitters, grandparents, and younger sibling-in-laws to use without too much trouble! This would be good for us since we live with the in-laws and all my husbands younger siblings right now because of the sucky economy and I think they would be more hesitant to help out with diaper changes if we were using a more complicated cloth diapering system. 

  • Stephanie

    I like Ribbitt! It looks so cute on my son, and will still work well if we have a baby girl next!

  • Brandy Norman

    I’m excited to try these diapers. When I first started cloth my middle child was 18 months old and I started because she had a horrible diaper rash caused by her disposables. I bought a few used diapers from a friend and then really cheap diapers from Ebay. I saved her diapers to use with my newest addition. However, I have come to the realization that those diapers are not adequate to use with my son. So, we recently switched to BG. I am excited to try new products from BG and these look wonderful!! 
    My favorite color is the mirror. 

  • Meg Riehl

    I LOVE the new Lovelace print! So girly and cute! I’d like to try the new Freetime because I love BG products and I’m sure I will love these new diapers too!

  • Ali

    I think the pink “dazzle” is gorgeous! I am not generally a huge fan of pink but I think that color is beautiful with such richness to it!

  • Jessica G.

    I am intrigued by these diapers. I am a pockets gal, so AIOs always are a bit of a mystery to me, but given my love for bumgenius, I want to try them out. 

  • I love the Albert! It’s so unique! I have mostly pockets, but I do have one AIO that I received free with an order and I really like it. BumGenius are by far my favorite and I can’t wait to try them. (I’ve even mentioned to grandma that her granddaughter would really like these for Christmas.  Is that strange?)

  • Although I don’t have a girl, I LOVE the “Lovelace” print. I love to doodle and it looks like something I’d like to doodle during my “free time” (I know, lame pun) LOL. I have several BG’s and I always get excited when they release new products. They try very hard to please their customers and I appreciate that in a company.