Bum-Ware Extreme AIO Review


Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩✩ The Bumware Extreme is just about as easy to use as a disposable diaper. The Velcro closure makes it easy on and off. The fact that it is sized means it is trimmer than many one size cloth diapers and there is no need to adjust the rise. This does mean that you will have to buy a new set of diapers when/if your baby grows out of it.

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩ 18$ is a hard to swallow price for a Sized diaper since many leading One Size Pockets can be purchased for the same. If you value trimness then you will likely be ok with that amount, at least for a couple to have for certain outfits or occasions.

Performance ✩✩✩✩ I didn’t dare try this diaper for overnights. It is so thin that I couldn’t fathom it lasting all night. Daytime use worked perfectly fine for us with no leaks. Everett, at the longest, wore the diaper for 5 hours over a nap and a bit before that. I was expecting a leak but it didn’t happen. The diaper didn’t feel extra heavy either so that is a testament to my son not being a heavy wetter.

Fit ✩✩✩✩ I purchased a medium but think a large would have worked better for us. It did fit but I had to be very careful with applying the tabs since he was about to max out that waist. The tabs were right over his chunky thighs and posed the threat of rubbing. It did occur once. The trimness of this diaper is unbelievable and I can’t think of another cloth diaper that is trimmer.

Overall- the strangest thing was that this diaper doesn’t have elastic at the back!  One of the reasons I love cloth diapers is that the back elastic holds in those poopslosions. Since buying the diaper he hasn’t pooped in it. I have a feeling if the conditions were right the poop would possibly explode up the back.  Still, to those parents who worry about the bulk of cloth diapers this is a contender in the trimmest cloth diapers department!!!

Where to Buy: Sweetbottoms

I purchased this diaper to review since it has been requested by many readers.  Yeah, I do that sometimes!  The link above is an affifliate link.

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  • Rachel

    It’s definitely those non elastic backs that will get you! The only non elastic I use are kissaluvs fitted one size for night time with a wool cover, but at least they are big and bulky enough that they usually absorb the poop before it goes that far. Also pre-folds, but we use those with a cover with an elastic back!

  • Jena Lohrbach

    Actually, I expected the poop to explode out the back, too. So on my daughter, who pre-solids pooped once every 7-14 days and therefore released huge amounts when she did let go, I tried not to use my Bumware Extreme diapers (I have two, bought pre-owned–though at 20.5 lb now, she’s practically outgrown them) when I was expecting her to have a bowel movement. But, inevitably, one day she caught me by surprise (in public, no less), and though it wasn’t as huge a mess as some of her others, the diaper actually contained it–no small feat. I was very pleasantly surprised. My biggest qualm with the Bumware Extreme is that the Velcro doesn’t stay stuck to the laundry tabs in the washing machine, so they often come out stuck to my microfiber inserts. (If I turn them inside out and fasten them to the fastening strip, though, they usually stay put.) I’m going to miss having these diapers in my diaper bag next week (I’m pretty sure that this is the last week she’ll fit into them.)

  • Courtney Pilkenton

    Have you tried the extreme AIO with snaps?  I’ve been looking at those online because it has back elastic.  Non back elastic is scary…no one wants a poopslosion!  

    • Anonymous

      No I haven’t tried those, sorry!

  • Lindsay

    I know this is an old post, but I have to comment, considering our entire stash is Bum-Ware. Our baby is 6 months and wears size large. He is breastfeeding with solids and we have never ever had issues with the back of the diaper not having elastic. I actually spent a lot of time looking for a diaper without elastic in the back. When he does poop, even with the big ones, we still have never had a leak. We absolutely love these diapers!